What crypto can achieve in the month of may

By Alther | Alther | 3 Feb 2023

From January to early February, this is a step towards establishing crypto prices so that they can move at the starting point of achieving crypto in welcoming the halving period that will occur next year. It is indeed very visible as a basis to be able to attract people who are currently afraid of the problems of global economic conditions that are happening.

This year it is predicted that many experts should at least be prepared for the worst problems that may occur. So that most people, especially what are commonly called investors, think twice in determining their investment.


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Crypto as a form of investment that is seen as capable of making big money has indeed been shaken by all the factors that are happening without exception to the problems in it itself. However, in the end, at the beginning of 2023, it gave a little signal of hope for conditions that would occur in the coming year. Moreover, the next year is known as the halving period which is known as the crypto transition period every 4 years creating a sizeable change in the price increase.

The period of increase in quite large changes, like previous times, has indeed provided the historical facts of the truth about the condition of the rising bubble that everyone has been waiting for. And this time, welcoming this period as usual, entering the beginning of an odd year, before the incident occurred, efforts were made to increase and encourage people's wilted interest to get excited again.


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On the optimism side that is presented by market conditions that occur in crypto, it has indeed given a good signal of hope for those who want and want to feel bigger profits later. Where this time can be said to be a determinant before a more mature readiness period can be seen in May and November.

If from this month to April the achievement of cryptocurrencies continues to rise without a doubt, then in May it can be seen that the price of crypto, especially bitcoin, can reach $ 40k in the future. And if this does happen, the possibility of achieving a price in 2025 after the halving period will swell to an even greater point of achievement. Where is the point of achieving bitcoin prices that exceed $ 100k, it is not something that is impossible to achieve.

When this achievement is achieved, you can also imagine the participation in price increases on alternative coins and other tokens later. And 2025 can be said to be the best golden year to be achieved by the crypto community later.

After that, will the usual annual cycle still occur? No one knows everything is just a prediction, but what is clear is the possibility that there will be major changes in the future after 2025 can be taken as an effort to crypto as an investment that is starting to become obsolete.


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