Turn off the lights

By Alther | Alther | 5 Apr 2022

Turning off the lights when not needed or to save money is not a small saving made. Maybe it looks like a stingy person or sometimes people say it's difficult. Though behind it a lot of benefits and uses for others. One of them is saving on the use of wasted electricity. Contribute to the world, for future generations.



Image by Colin Behrens from Pixabay


One of the things we often hear about the impact of the bad systematics of the Bitcoin mining world is the use of excessive electrical power, heat, and noise generated. Its existence even leads to the theft of state electricity, which results in harm to the state. If the state loses, it means that the people are also harmed. And that takes to mean the electric thieves.

That's just one of the many electricity thefts that have occurred. It may even be veiled or possibly protected. Isn't it ironic, that this is the state of world politics? Shouting about global warming, but not acting at least a little starts with yourself. Reducing the need for devices that use excess electricity.

If seen only turning off the lights, or using the lights according to the needs needed on the basis of the lights created. Small of the many thousands of electricity usage that exceeds the said lamp. Can't it be done? Of course, it can and really can if we are aware of ourselves and want to be aware of it.


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