That day will come

By Alther | Alther | 30 Nov 2021

It will be felt that something has been lost lately, not making a single article, means that it has violated one of the habitual targets that are usually carried out in daily life. The problem is writing is actually a necessity.

Writing is not just sharing thoughts but also a way of sharing inspiration, and expressing what is in the mind in an effort to move and be moved.

That's what I understand now even though sometimes it's just a series of words, some are meaningful and of course many are meaningless. Writing, so that it becomes an effort for the thoughts that have come out and are recorded.

Sometimes for reasons of busyness, forgetting is a justification for an omission to pass a day without writing a single note. And in the past few days, there has been a slight delay in making one article as a representative of the effort to meet the target of one writing for one day.

Even though every time there are always many things that can be used as works to be written.

Every precious moment that just keeps on passing, I usually always record it in writing. But for some reason I've been limiting myself lately, sorting it out with a lot of doubts, even though I'm very excited to share. I really want to make writing that can be represented for me to meet daily targets.

Not to mention I remember that to share and inspire is essentially saving for myself because with this, I will try and invest in it to start writing again. Even though it's like communication, making friends is lonely, without opponents and friends.

If you think about it more deeply, writing is the fruit of belief, which can be sharpened through thought, spoken through words in an oral, and its creation in the form of an action which can eventually become a written work that can be recorded in a civilization.

In fatigue, tension, and confusion, we humans will certainly always have a hope to achieve all dreams. Many of the previous writings we find stem from high optimism to achieve a dream that can be interpreted as a victory. Optimism that is so stable can lead them sooner or later to greatness. Because optimism is an effort to achieve dreams in the hope itself. And when optimism has penetrated into the soul, automatically a big urge will appear, the urge to carry out a goal in order to achieve success.

Indeed, there are many things that block one's journey to success. All obstacles, interference trials of course come and go. There are those that come from external and internal, and even those that arise from oneself. It seemed like all sorts of things like that would never tire and stop. Not wanting victory to be in one's hands, but a test that must be passed. If you are tired and tired of dealing with it, then it is possible that you will never taste the taste of achieving those dreams and hopes.

Nothing wrong with complaining. Because it is one of the basic human nature is not it. Apart from complaints. What are you gonna do? Not sure what you projected would happen? The same magic words every time when feeling lazy, bored and all kinds of boredom hit, but usually, they just get overlooked. And actually is the word start and want to try.

Living the days ahead full of dreams that have been made, why should you be sad over something that is not good? Though all this is nothing to worry about. So keep the spirit to keep trying to write every time as the target of achieving a dream.


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