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By Alther | Alther | 16 Nov 2022

Morals and manners, both touch each other. Need each other without any limitations in all respects will always cover one another. There is no primary need between the two because they have to be parallel to one another. Because if there are those who precede each other, there will be an imbalance point from the conditions that are displayed or pinned.

Morals act as a barrier between the human soul and the limit to the Creator. Where with the existence of morals, there will be a reliance on the boundaries that are created as created beings.

Adab is oriented towards the formation of attitudes that are studied from the basis of knowledge that is absorbed or studied by every human being in the world. With the existence of manners, there will be thought of an order that is oriented towards good values ​​from tendencies that give rise to bad things.


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In short, morals are obtained in the form of worship, while manners result from the existence of knowledge. So that if someone has good morals with strong manners conditions, it will give birth to the glory above all the goodness that exists.

Modernization, where the level of technological power is so rapid and continues to grow according to their needs. Modern society also creates many new habits in the current era of globalization. As an example of the form of human order as social beings who need each other. The word social also changes form in the order that was formed according to the era, such as how strong the current social media conditions are, it becomes a need that is unconsciously like an obligation for the word not to be left behind.

However, apart from these conditions, the problems regarding the context of morals and etiquette in the social media space are in fact very much different from the real conditions of existence, especially when compared to the conditions at the social level in the era before the era of technology, which took many roles in the life of society and the state.

The attitude that exists today turns out to leave a lot of the principle of the need for language to understand the parallels in the existence of morals and manners. Who we are and who they are is so clearly visible in the meaning we don't care about the language of responsibility and ethics. So that gave birth to many lame attitudes based only on knowledge or the word worship. Tolerances that are highly praised become transformed into intolerant formations which are interpreted as tolerant attitudes.

Limitations of conclusions from what is currently written do not lead to conclusions that only give birth to a piece of advice about the meaning of the need for the existence of parallels between morals and manners. But interpreting from the side of each human soul that still has reason and balance can be used as it should be used. So hopefully it can provide benefits in the end as a hope from writing that may not be meaningful.


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