Revenge: Relieve or Make Things Worse?

By Alther | Alther | 24 Dec 2021

Revenge is bad. But not everything that has to do with grudges is bad. Many things that underlie the word revenge become a motivation. Making oneself able to do something becomes the basis for doing things that are not usually done in order to get out of the bad words of others.

Be better than other people's point of view. And make it better than the people who gave the bad opinion. In the end, it gave birth to a new impression to be seen better by others who used to ridicule him.

It's not good if you end up just forgetting yourself when you manage to get out of the ridicule of others. But this is an endeavor that results from the word revenge.

A lot of real things and happenings happened for this problem. There are also many who turn out to be dwarfs (an expression for humans who have bad qualities) who can only ridicule before, in fact, they are just parasites. When bad is shunned when good is approached. That is the nature of dwarfs who do not have true empathy. When you need to approach when you no longer need to walk away.

Not a little. And in fact, almost every line can be found this kind of people. The exact word only wants the best. But with their attitude like this, there is also a value that brings goodness or is positive for others who are harmed. Create a motivation to be better and at least try not to be like them.

It is a bad expression for the word revenge that is created. And can't be blamed if revenge can be created. Because it is expected to make people who are dwarf aware and willing to improve their behavior in the future.

Questioning one of the values ​​of today's human point of view is mostly only worth the word success that brings material. If you just succeed without the material it is the same as meaningless. Not to mention the point of view of existence towards little people. Of course, it only revolves around the necessities of life to eat today. Whereas the necessities of life that they strive for are nobler than other needs which are only in the form of sparkles for others to see.

Give birth to the value of revenge that is often present today. And this is a testament to the attitude not to look down on someone or small because of everything. Because not necessarily he is better than ourselves. Today we don't need it but on another day someday we may need someone else. Evil is not rewarded with evil. However, we are often carried away by a hot heart to repay sin with sin. Like when we hear other people badmouth us, we often get carried away with emotions and then badmouth them.

Working alone does not mean being anti-social. And socializing does not mean legalizing all means. Manners and values ​​of appreciating and not forgetting one's mind and not forgetting oneself should always grow to become a good and useful person.

Revenge from things that were bad can be good. As long as you don't hold grudges, you will pursue lust and anger. Which in the end will only cause worse problems for yourself and others.

Of course, there is also a way that is better than doing a grudge. Be forgiving. Just let the chirping dogs bark. In fact, shouldn't chirping be pinned to birds?

Forgiveness is best forgiving. Let's just say maybe that person is forgetting, forgetting that he also has shortcomings. Instead of creating a grudge, it's better to do something useful and beneficial for yourself and also for many people. Creating positive values ​​that spread a sense of beauty rather than ugliness.

Being a forgiving soul will further vent our revenge. Although sometimes the resentment in the heart is still stored, a forgiving soul will dissolve it. So, hatred and anger will not last long in our hearts.


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