How will be, if the world?

By Alther | Alther | 22 Mar 2022

It's not about what's good and what's not. However, it is only a signal of the fact that the market is very dominant in what happens to a project being carried out. As I have discussed in the crypto sorting-out article, sorting out which has a purpose and the prospects for the existence of the project is made.

Volatile crypto markets are highly likely to attract interest and are also very risky. If you address the current market trend, there is one thing that can be taken, especially for developers, not to discriminate against cryptocurrencies, which in particular have a clear, focused, and integrated basic context. The increase in crypto prices in recent days cannot be separated from several things, such as the existence of war, economic policies, and news.


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The most interesting thing is the issue of news about the policies of a region within the scope of the country which has quite a big impact on the condition of people in other parts of the world. Bitcoin Cash has played a big role this time around to lift the existence of other cryptocurrencies for the problem of the rising market that has occurred in the last few days. It may seem like he wants to flatter the Bitcoin Cash community, but that's not really the case. The point is, even though it's small if you think about it for other communities, it provides great support for the existence of the belief that there is a sweet hope ahead in 2022 that is different from the cycles that usually occur in the crypto world.

The increase from a number of points that Bitcoin has usually considered as a reference for the ups and downs of the crypto market, is now proof that it is real, and explains how real market conditions are. Bitcoin Cash proved in this case for learning for me still a beginner to play crypto at this time. Economic policies that occur in a large area have a big impact as well. Imagine if this happened to a large adopting country. And without stopping there, the steps of my thinking, imagine if its adoption was almost universal in all parts of the world.

Yes, only one area, what about the world. Of course, it is very massive and does not imagine market conditions if such conditions occur. Maybe it's like imagining, but it's not just a fantasy, isn't it? And maybe like an invitation, sorry that's not what I meant. Just expressing my current views and thoughts on the phenomena that occur. Volatility will continue to occur, but going forward we don't know how it will continue, and it could happen. Another thing is that this can be an indicator for other regions or countries about the adoption of crypto for their use policies. If this has a positive and good impact on the scale of use, ease of use, understanding, development, and security, it is very likely that Bitcoin Cash will be eyed by other regions or countries in the future.

Those who are silent are not necessarily silent, those who are asleep are not necessarily asleep forever. The wheel keeps turning, sometimes it's up, sometimes it's down.


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