Freedom and Peace

By Alther | Alther | 15 Dec 2021

Freedom if it means freedom in a straightforward way. Not intimidated by anything. While the word peace is energy. There is no anxiety or polemics. This is only meaningfully from the point of view of my normalization as a living human being up to this point. So if it is interpreted in terms of language and knowledge of language properly and correctly, there may be many shortcomings what I mean at this time.

Well, back to the problem of the two words freedom and peace. In the scope that I want to raise at this time, personally, it may be limited to myself or individuals, it does not cover the word breadth in such a broad sense later.


Freedom for the individual self is the freedom to do anything without violating the existing norms of course. And the existing norms are also not a limitation to say that there is not 100% independence, no it's not that. Because there are rules, cause, and effect, and there are good and bad words so that norms are created to apply applicable law.

To be independent an individual is meant to be free to do anything. Because that's what freedom means. But not necessarily free to steal, do evil, or do other negative things. That's the wrong name for independence.

Good freedom is, surely, freedom to have an opinion, to have the same rights and obligations, to be free to breathe the same air, to be free not to be controlled by certain parties that restrict one's identity. But when independence is obtained, will there be a meaning of peace or, rather, peace will be obtained?

And for peace, which is defined by me, is energy without any anxiety. Peace is indeed an expression of taste that is desired by everyone. Because peace is a very comfortable nature to feel.

It's a question for myself right now. Is it true that when we are independent, it means that peace can be felt? Because if you take the meaning of peace, tranquility has been achieved. There is no anxiety, anger, panic, or emptiness. At this time I was born as a free person and free to do anything. And from the freedom that I have gained, of course, I want to feel peace. Peace for yourself completely. If you are independent, why is it still difficult to feel peace? And how to achieve that peace in this condition they have been in?

If we are free but not at peace, what does it mean to be free? It is not free to achieve freedom in the hope that peace can be felt.

This is just an expression of a question for individuals, it has not been expanded to words that are broader in scopes such as family, group, agency, region, or country. Because this is discussed in broad scope, I personally think that there is no complete independence because world peace is still not fully achieved. It's all just a truce for understanding. Everything is still because of an ultimatum that is not based on the truth that every individual wants to be independent.

The discussion is still at the starting point of an independent language for oneself. Freedom to achieve something to achieve a happy word that finally feels peace. But stopped at the discussion, does independence really mean peace is achieved?

The answer will probably be a lot present if asked each different individual. Are you free and feel at peace?

For me personally, I still don't get the answer completely. Because it's still in a circle of opinions that are still blurry in my personal mind. It's not stated so clearly. Maybe it's because this is still something I'm really looking for and haven't quite gotten to yet so don't get what the answer to this is.

Then how about you. Possibly there is an answer that can answer the question about this. Is freedom sure to bring peace, and is it the peace that makes us free?



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