Being Realistic is just an excuse!

By Alther | Alther | 10 Oct 2022

Material Girl (Gold Digger) is carried to a woman who only looks at the wealth of a man. Indeed, for women, when they hear the word Material Girl, there will be a lot of defense from the women themselves so that they are not attached to the woman in question, so that the word Material Man may come out too. But it's no longer common for everyone to say things like this, and logically it's only natural that women are said to be carrying it more than men. Because it is clear that the population of women is more than men.


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Talking or discussing the phenomenon of female/male material language, we also often hear the word "being realistic" as a reason to justify, which they use as an explanation language for the answer to why they should be accepted with the condition of being female/male material. Moreover, it's just an extraordinary achievement like a competition where if you succeed in doing it, it's like getting a medal of honor as someone who is materialistic.


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Unfortunately, globally, the meaning of the word "being realistic" without realizing it, they even forget about the condition of "being a believer". Where they have forgotten the problem of God's greatness in the context of fortune. So it is very clear that the word is only an excuse for their indecision and uncertainty about the fortune that has been arranged by God. Where is the problem of fortune, there will be no interchangeable terms for fortune.


Being realistic is used as an excuse for saying seeing or only accepting men/women who are wealthy, have good physical, have worked, are rich, or smell like world problems about wealth. So it's also common to hear words that are very bad to hear, such as, you can really live by eating only love, or want to be fed stones, and so on.

If we clearly think about the bad words that are spoken, on the contrary, it can be said that they actually don't think realistically about the reasons for being realistic. Think about it, is it common and normal for people to want to feed stones? Are there people who want to hurt the people they love? Or is there anyone who wants to live hard or suffer?

The context of suffering or hurt may only be appropriate for people who are mentally ill, psycho, or murderous. But those who are normal at heart, healthy in mind and soul, will want to live a happy life. Especially when it comes to issues of loved ones. Of course, there will be a more attitude and spirit of trying to be responsible and trying as much as possible for the best effort. If not, the meaning is not the word love, only lust or something other than love.

But sorry for the women who used to make excuses for the word love bringing the word being realistic and then questioning the problem of quality, origin, and rank. And sorry again for me personally if you are including women who do not have faith because it means you do not have belief in the greatness of God. Never say that God brings bad things to humans because actually bad things come from the humans themselves and all good things definitely come from God.

Are you offended when you read this? As an afterthought, try to reflect on the problem of property that you think about. Have you ever seen people who died carrying treasure or who had died asking to send their wealth for their lives in the nature they lived in?

Are you grimacing cynically, ah bullshit all things world and divinity? If it's true said or thought in your mind, I can only say "WOW" how great you are as a creature that is clearly created not created.


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