Inflation is taxation with no regulation – How I am protecting my money

By MikeZillo | Alternative knowledge | 17 Mar 2022

Here we are, yet with a third article of our brand new Blog “Alternative Knowledge”, where we will write about topics that are usually not spoken at all. What we will do here, will not just a mere chronicle of facts: we will try to give a deeper perspective with some real tools.

So, let’s start with some direct experience on investments.

I see a lot of people just worrying about the increase in prices of gasoline, electricity, wheat, paper, wood. Some of them are giving responsibilities to war in Ukraine. Well, that is for sure something that helped. The most part of them, have already forgotten the Covid-thing that characterized our life in the last two years.

Here is a chart from the Federal Reserve statistics office, about how many dollars have been created and put on the market



From 1800 billions of dollars at January 2020, we are now at 2232 billions of $. That’s a 25% of supply more in dollars. Do you recognize what happens to stocks or other assets when their circulating supply increases? Well, they usually depreciate.

And that is more or less the opposite of what happened to SLP token in the last months. But I am going to talk about it in a dedicated article.

So, let’s check what it’s happening on the markets.


Wheat: +50% in 3 weeks


Crude oil: + 20%


I took as reference the two red lines: the lower, placed on the latter maximum breaking and the upper on the current top (as I am writing).

Gold: here you have a wider chart. And local maximums have been broken.


You see the red arrow? There is my girlfriend accepted to start buying Gold as well. I am accumulating Gold since some time BUT at that moment, I managed to persuade her. It has been not really easy, for the first month I was asked every week how it was going. Luckily, the purchase was already made so I did not have so much pressure to handle. And a few days ago she sent me the screenshot saying that “Gold is breaking the one-year maximum”. And she asked “Am I gaining”? And I could fairly say that “Yes, in this moment she is gaining but a Gain is not a Real gain until is not liquidated”.
One small disclaimer: when I say Gold, I mean Gold, not taking part into network marketing or strange schemes that are selling gold. I found a legal and certificated way to buy it, and I buy it. End of story.

Anyway, you could see the confusion on her face since she bought Gold to keep it and keep it. But yeah, this time I got right on insisting.

Inflation: let’s start our duel!

Another asset I am really relying onto are cryptocurrencies. Me and my collaborators are accumulating and accumulating, because we know that cryptos are very portable, they are easy for us to speculate onto (creating more money from money) AND they have a limited supply, making them a very interesting asset to hold and purchase.

Let’s break down a myth: there is war and Bitcoin price is dropping while Gold price is rising.
They are both store of value: Bitcoin is a SoV with risk ON. Gold is a SoV with risk OFF. That is completely affecting behaviour of people towards Store of Value perception.

Furthermore, I see people sooooo happy about a 10% APY investment, being sure how they will get rich thanks to those investments. I am especially referring to Real Estate crowdfunding. They represent an interesting opportunity, to not have stalled money just losing purchasing power. Anyway, 10% per year is not a farewell anymore and a further diversification is required at this point!

We will catch up in one of the next articles in this community to tell you my cocktail, getting deeper into every part of it, “saving money” included, since the first money gained is the money saved!

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Alternative knowledge
Alternative knowledge

Alternative knowledge

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