StartEngine Raises That Intrigue Us - June 2023

This is NOT investment advice.  Investing in startups is risky whether it is via StartEngine or any of the other platforms.  Liquidity may or may not be an option for an extended period of time. 

Let's see if we can toss out a few names on a monthly basis for people to debate and evaluate and see if this is useful. 

Here's a few that caught our attention based on seeking a potential "bet a little, win a lot" approach where we seek potential "winner takes all or most" outcomes.  We tend to focus on those and avoid battles with low barriers to entry UNLESS the firm is simply executing at a very high level and clearly advancing to a few different potential exits. 

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Here is what made it through our screening:

ZakiBox - this is a small shop looking to add B2B to their small but emerging B2C offerings. 

ZakiBox makes patented advanced products for organizing, storage and carriage for homes and businesses. that is light, strong and foldable.

Simple.  Logical.  Makes sense.  Patent protection.  One man band literally out of a garage.  Clean balance sheet founder hasn't been paying himself anything.

Interesting Facts

Teeth Jewelry

Upcoming Concerts

Live Streaming


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