ICX / USDT Technical Analysis BINANCE

By NPH | Altcoins to watch out | 4 Sep 2019



Trend: Up Trend

Currently, ICX is on the uptrend and sitting on the strong support @ 0.21; MA 100 is facing up.

If BTC continues to move upwards. ICX will break out the MA100 one more time and reach target 1 @ 0.2245, Target 2 @ 0.2431 and Target [email protected] 0.265

On the Down side: If ICX breaks the uptrend line, it will back test the support 1 @ 0.1921 and maybe we will see it @ 0.175 one more time.


Please take caution before trading because no 100% T,A is correct. Remember to cut loss.





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3 Years in cryptocurrencies analysis. Hope that we all are winners

Altcoins to watch out
Altcoins to watch out

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