BTC T.A (Middle Term)

By NPH | Altcoins to watch out | 7 Sep 2019

While people saying BTC is now in Uptrend for long term; but for me, BTC is in downtrend for middle term.

BTC is decreasing from high of this year @ 14k. you can see in the below 8hr chart.

Peak 1: BTC reached $14K and start decreasing to peak 2.

Peak 2: BTC was set at $13K then down to peak 3.

Peak 3: BTC was set at $12K then now it has formed the peak 4.

Peak 4: BTC decreased to $11K. Teachnically speaking, i guess BTC will retest the support @ $9k5 then forming Peak 5: @$10K


Case 1: if BTC breaks peak 5 @$10K - Downtrend line, i will cancel the opinion that BTC in downtrend. 

Case 2: If BTC can not break downtrend line or Peak 5, we will see it at $9k, $8k4, $7K6



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Altcoins to watch out

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