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By NPH | ALTCOINS to Invest | 3 Sep 2019

What Gate.IO is? What is GT? All about the Exchange


Nowadays, There are so many crypto exchanges where we can buy or sell our crypto assets, today i will introduce to you one of the best exchange that has not been hacked.


What is

Gate.IO is a cryptocurrencies exchange run by Gate Technology Inc – since 2017 

Home page of


Before selecting a crypto exchange we need to research it carefully about its all features. The following features are what provides us. 

  • Own SSL supper safe: One secure website is that owns a SSL Cert. SSL cert always starts with https:// and the exchange Gate.IO also starts with
  • Instant withdraw: i am sure that you feel uncomfortable if your withdrawal takes 10-20 mintes to be sent out. will let you down with its instant withdraw services, only few seconds after you confirmed the withdrawal, you will not cancel it for sure because it is already sent out.
  • 2 Factors Authentication: support Google Authenticator and SMS. 
  • Trading fee: no deposit fee. trading fee is around 0.2%. this is acceptable
  • Languages supported: support 12 languages
  • Mobile app: Support Ios and Android

Giao diện mobile app của sàn Gate được đánh giá khá hoàn thiện và mạnh mẽ

Markets support support BTC, ETH, CNYX USDT(Stable coins) Market with around 200 coins and tokens.

Margin trading supported

Trading fees

  • Deposit fee: No
  • Trading fee


Please visit or to register. You need email, phone number. please do kyc before trading remember to set up 2FA.


Is it safe to use

Never been hacked is what i can say.

Raised $64M from GateChain Token

Success in raising fund by distributing GT token to users and raised $64M

What is GT?

Gatechain Token (GT) is a part of GateChain ecosystem. 

for more infor please visit

Conclusion is a good exchange to use,

- The volume is high

- High level security -  Never been hacked recorded

- Good features.

- Support 24/7 

- Trading fee is low

- Instant withdraw

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