New coin to lookout for - TLM - Alien Worlds - to be launched on Binance Smart Chain

By ac2l | Altcoins that has potential | 6 Apr 2021

TLM - Trilium / Alien Worlds

Binance have just announced a Launchpool with BNB & BUSD staking to get TLM Crypto.

Coin details -
Smart Contract Address: BEP-20 -

Alien Worlds -

Alien Worlds is a game where you can earn Trilium (TLM) for mining and have a chance to mine an NFT game card each time you mine. This DeFi Metaverse is a blockchain-based game and free to play for anyone. After getting a WAX Cloud Wallet login, and logging in at explorers will receive a tool to begin mining. With the simple mining activity, one receives Trilium (TLM), a blockchain token. Trilium can be used to stake to one or more of six planets and register as a candidate to become a planetary councilor and potentially rule the planet. NFT game cards are used in new and creative ways over time, including “shining” to upgrade the cards and battling in the Thunderdome.

TLM Launchpool Details:
Token Name: Alien Worlds (TLM)
Maximum token supply: 10,000,000,000 TLM
Total token supply when listing on Binance (2021-04-13 06:00 AM UTC): 5,135,726,585 TLM
Launchpool token rewards: 150,000,000 TLM
Initial Circulating Supply: 1,240,473,079 TLM

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Youtuber & Blogger - Anand Chennai2London

Altcoins that has potential
Altcoins that has potential

In my EP03 in Crypto video series of my Youtube Channel, I did a demo of an Indian Crypto exchange called WazirX and suggested to buy their Own Crypto coin - WRX. That video - - was published on 28-Sep-2021 when WRX was roughly 0.07$ . Today WRX touched $ 5.26 before settling down to 4 $ now. That is roughly 58 times or 5800% growth in 6 months.

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