DeFi for Dummies - Understanding Impermanent Loss in DeFi Liquidity Mining

DeFi for Dummies - Understanding Impermanent Loss in DeFi Liquidity Mining

By ac2l | Altcoins that has potential | 13 Apr 2021

With the Binance Smart Chain drastically reducing the Gas Fees for participating in Decentralized Finance - Liquidity Swap & Liquidity Pool participation for retail investors, Liquidity mining has attracted massive swarms of retail investors to the BEP-20 ecosystem of dApps like Pancake Swap Finance & BurgerSwap Finance which are enjoying similar if not more success than the likes of their Ethereum counterparts Uniswap & co.

One of the most complex topics in DeFi Liquidity Mining is understanding the Impermanent loss.

In my recent episode 24 on my YouTube channel focussed on simplifying Crypto & Similar topics for people, I have taken a stab at explaining Impermanent Loss with a Fruit Market example.


I have also explained what the craze is all about with respect to Decentralized Finance & what it means to become a Liquidity provider even if you have never heard about the term DeFi before. 

If you have been thinking about becoming a Liquidity provider or have trouble understanding Impermanent loss before, then please check the video below for a Defi For Dummies version of the content.


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Altcoins that has potential
Altcoins that has potential

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