Youtube shuts down crypto channel

YouTube shuts down another crypto live feed

By CryptoSpyder | AltCoinCave | 7 Sep 2020

Video streaming giant Youtube took down another livestream centered around crypto currency once again, this time taking aim at crypto YouTuber Sunny Decree.  Primarily reporting on Bitcoin and other related crypto currencies, Sunny saw his livestream taken down due to 'harmful and dangerous' content. According to this tweet from Sunny Decree, Youtube also went on to warn him that a second violation would result in a week-long suspension of service.

It's another black eye for Youtube, who is known for their steadfast and unwieldy rules in relation to censorship but more importantly, another strike against crypto currency. Perhaps a sign of how far we've come to some crypto enthusiasts, many others see it as mounting resistance to the oncoming revolution of digital currency. 

Given the recent scandals and crypto scams that perpetuated themselves through social media, can you really blame Youtube?

Bitcoin Youtube channel
Source: Twitter

Maybe you can according to Sunny, who has been targeted by Youtube in the past. In late 2019, Youtube began their campaign to remove crypto related content on their platform, aggressively shutting down content creators like Sunny. Many channels such as Decree's were suspended, taken down or even deleted causing the loss of thousands of subscribers and untold content. 

They have eased off their stance since then, but Youtube is certainly no ally for many crypto enthusiasts on the video platform. Youtube has gone so far as to shut down various channels such as and Cointelegraph for violating YouTube's Terms of Service.

While I can commend Youtube's efforts to clamp down on fraud and scams, their efforts could use some refinement. Taking the preventative steps to ensure that the infamous July 15 social media hack are important, but they can't harm content creators like Sunny in the crossfire. 


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