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By Cimong371 | ALTCOIN | 30 Jun 2019

OPEN In the period 1970-1980 Timor has become the front line of the Cold War in Southeast Asia. In 1975 the Frente Revolucionária de Timor-Leste Independente (Fretilin) ​​declared Timor's independence from Portugal, ending 60 years of colonial rule. In the following months, the Republic of Indonesia, which was secretly supported by the CIA, which was fighting increasing communist influence in Asia, began military intervention. Soon, East Timor officially became the 27th province in Indonesia.

In 1990, with the collapse of the Soviet Union, the US and Australia withdrew their military and political support for the occupation of East Timor. Soon, internal political changes in Indonesia made it possible to hold Timore-Leste's first independent elections. In 2002, the newly adapted Timor Constitution triggered a civil conflict between pro-independence and pro-Indonesian militants. As a result, the United Nations sent troops to East Timor and then detained them there until 2012.

Invech Cryptocurrency Exchange is an exchange of cryptocurrency pioneered by Invech Group.platform IV token runs on the Ethereum network. Invech cluster is accredited and supported by the govt. of the island, Leste to implement and regulate, blockchains and connected cryptocurrency operations like exchanges, ICO, mining, consultations, and others. we tend to aim to form island Leste the primary Blockchain good town within the world and convey development to the postwar country.


About Invech
Invech Cryptocurrency Exchange is an exchange of cryptocurrency pioneered by Invech Group. Invech has own platform token called Invech Coins or IV which runs on the ERC20 platform. Licensed and authorized directly from the Government of Timor Leste, IV license covers the entire framework of the blockchain and cryptocurrency, including cryptocurrency exchanges, ICO, mining, blockchain solutions, etc. This is conjointly the primary blockchain/cryptocurrency service out of island Leste.

The Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste, or Timor Leste in English, is the First New Sovereign Country in the 21st century. Located in Southeast Asia, with a population of around 1.3 million. Bordering Indonesia, a sovereign country consists of the eastern part of Timor island and several other nearby islands. This country returned its sovereignty in 2002 after the Indonesian occupation. The decades of struggle for East Timor's independence against Indonesia damaged much of its economic infrastructure, making it the poorest country in Asia.

At present, they are still rebuilding and correcting difficulties before independence. And Invech hopes to become a channel for the people of Timor Leste to improve and change economic status. Thus, creating a sustainable economy, and at the same time smart and advanced technology, the blockchain country.

Securing digital ID cards and digital infrastructure And clearly, personal data management To protect the privacy and provide more business opportunities Which one is there to operate blockchain-related businesses? How many people are interested in participating in large-scale infrastructure development? Please raise your hand. Regardless of whatever technology you have, you can participate in our open tender system, I will explain later. This is a series of licenses that we have issued directly by the Government of Timor-Leste. This is still an exclusive license. So I say that there is no world

Exchange digital currencies like us Other exchanges have passed regulatory rules but our exchanges are not that simple We have a blockchain Operation section and token licenses We have banking and import and export trading licenses I will understand when you see the next slide We also have the power to build techniques civil, such as building a house and many more As you can see, this is far beyond what the company can do

That's why I ask everyone. How many people have their own company, even if you are not in the blockchain industry. If you are involved in the construction or other techniques or skills, or if you have friends who have skills like this, this is a glowing opportunity. must be understood by them Off-topic, there are many beautiful women with scanned codes on the spot. If you want to get free airdrop, please scan or come to our booth. They will make a two o'clock exchange. We also have the ability to operate renewable energy and all collection of raw materials including those that will be used in the blockchain. We can also run hotels, casinos and lottery industries. So please see, this is a widely used license and immediately issued by the Prime Minister's Department and the Ministry of Commerce. So now, they get a license and write a program.they have laid the foundation at the same time.

This will manage all tokens. This is what I say about consultants. If you want to participate. Some basic facility construction projects including projects related to Belt and Road will be part of this. So, you know. This is a very large platform and has been going on for a long time. And all bidding activities will also be through exchanges As I said, Belts and Roads Who hears the Belt and Road Initiative Raise your hands, okay? some people, very good. It actually belongs to a project in China to provide a convenient pipeline to export their goods and services to the world today. You can actually ship your goods from Beijing, or anywhere in China, to London. It only took 18 days to use the train. That was one of the plans for Belt and Road.


The company's mission is to:

1 Introduce an alternative currency through the creation of an INVECH token.

2 foreign direct investment and reduce unemployment.

3 Regulation of the precarious state of using controlled workflows.

4 Fully tokenizirovat tourism and agriculture in Timor Leste.

5 Improvement of human capital and the capacities of local populations Timor Leste.

6 to provide advice to the Government in the field of blockchain and address issues associated with this technology.

7 provision of education and training to improve living conditions in the country.


The platform will be a holistic approach to the development of cryptocurrency Exchange. Above all, it will be safe, comfortable, multilingual and available to users at the international level. For sellers and buyers will be given the best orders at the best available price. Will be available to multi-currency wallets for storage. All cryptocurrency will be automatically protected using cold storage. The complete book of orders providing necessary liquidity.

To ensure effective interaction between cryptocurrency and Fiat money has developed innovative and user-friendly software. Multilingual software interface. What is important is support for Fiat means and in the near future will be thought out system of withdrawals. (IV) the token will be the primary token that will use the Platform INVECH.

Token will work not only on the cryptocurrency stock exchange and have been granted the appropriate license enterprises. The token will work on blokchejne delirium Platform ERC20. The number of tokens will not increase. Major trading pairs will be BTC, ETH, USDT. With the passage of time will add new cryptocurrency from among the most powerful in terms of capitalization.


Initial Exchange Offers (IEO)
The IEO will run for 60 days and will not be sold to Timor Leste - Invech Foundation with a 3-year vesting period.

Duration: 30 days
Number of Tokens: 75,000,000 IV
Discount: 20%, Locked for 6 months
Price: US $ 0.32

Duration: 30 days
Number of Tokens: 100,000,000
IV discount: 10%, locked for 9 months
Price: US $ 0.36

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