Ready for next Rocket? - Stellar!

By Myten | Altcoin maniac | 29 Nov 2020

So last time I wrote about Cardano. A cheap cryptocurrency with huge potential.


Now ill break down the next Coin I find interesting and also have invested quite a lot in. Stellar


Stellar is a big coin and have been pending among top 20 coins for a while and even reached top 10 in market cap. Today it is valued to around 0.2$. That is very cheap. You get 5 stellar for the cost of a cheeseburger. If you take a cheap lunch today you can buy around 50 stellar instead.


The reason I see potential in Stellar is simple. Aside all the developing they do, it is simply a stable coin. It has been top 20 for about 3-4 years and pending in prize. All time high is 0.9$ dollars aprox. A spike I do not see as unlikley to happen again.


So if you eat a cheap lunch today, you might be able to buy almost 5 lunches in a short period of time.


Do not take my word for it, look it up and keep posted.


Cya next time



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Altcoin maniac
Altcoin maniac

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