Dash is the way to go!

Masternodes - the 2000's goldmine

By Myten | Altcoin maniac | 27 Nov 2020

To start of this miniseries of Alt-coins will I start with the one that dragged me in to all this: Dash.


Dash is an Altcoin that have had an amazing story. I have a friend that invested when they were 1$ each and sold when they were at 1700$. Pretty amazing


What makes Dash stand out in my opinion is that they use a masternode-system.

So what is a masternode?

At Dash you need 1000 Dash to be able to lock it in to a masternode. The masternode then starts to "mine" (in lack of better words) dash for you. There are pools for this so no need to feel stressed about hosting one by yourself.

You then get a fixed amount of dash every week. Very smooth. 


As a masternodeholder you also get to vote on different projects Dash host. They put 40% of the coins as rewars for mining, 40% for masternodes and 20% for projects like Aircoins as I mentioned earlier. 


Buying 1000 Dash at this price is very expansive. They are about 90$ each atm. A total of 90.000$ to have one masternode. But you can lock in your dash in other peoples masternodes.


So Dash is absolutley one of the Alt-coins I should keep my eyes on if I were you. Stay tuned for the next Altcoin



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Altcoin maniac
Altcoin maniac

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