BAT - in it for the long run?

By Myten | Altcoin maniac | 29 Nov 2020

This time will I plant a seed of an idea to you guys.


Cryptocurrencies value only depend on their demand. The supply is very steady and Bitcoin is the example of this. Everyone knows how much btc will be up for grabs and that rises the value.


Now for an idea I have had for a long time and it is time to share.

How many of you uses Brave-browser?!


Take a look at the biggest of the big companies today. All tech-companies. The ones making the browsers are HUGE! Microsoft and Google. I mean. Are there biggers companies that have affected the world more at all? Then tweet it my way


So Beave with this Unique way of rewarding it's users while "selling" the users attention. If brave has the same success in the future as Google and Microsoft, better get your hands on some BAT.


Many people use Brave. Many streamers so it will get a spread. Tfue - a big streamer, uses brave for instance.


Brave will change the way we see browsers if they succed and reward us at the same time. 


So if you are in it for the looong game. Get your hands on some BAT. Becuase the supply will be big, but I bet the demand will be huuuge!


I have a few bat myself so get onboard the rocket and ill see you on the moon. But as always, get more information before investing!


Best regards



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Altcoin maniac

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