Are you in for the ride?

By Myten | Altcoin maniac | 30 Nov 2020

Since I started this thread 2 days ago has all my predictions went up with atleast 5%. A lucky shot in the dark only but fun to know I might be on the right path


So today will I break down a coin with some potential aswell.




Eos is not a token that get's a lot of attention. It is currently valued to around 3$. So it is still not to late to buy it


It is listed on coinbase, part of coinbase earn and are doing massive projects.


I think they might pass 10$ before the year is over and here is why


- Altseason is about to begin!!!


When altseason starts will the money that is now overflowing btc, dripple down on other currencies when people look for profit. The big whales look for stable coins with growth. Eos is one of the top ones in that category!


So do your reaserch and keep an eye out for this one


Great night


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I love life

Altcoin maniac
Altcoin maniac

I will break down some of my favouritecoins and why to invest in them

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