The Opportunity to Make Millions in Crypto

By Richard Knight | Altcoin Investor | 28 Jan 2023

This opportunity is going to make investors millionaires and it only comes around once every 3-4 years. It's a cycle the crypto market has always followed.

On average:

  • The bear market lasts 300 days, and
  • The bull market lasts 900 days.

We are currently about 250 days into the current bear market and likely over the next few months will see a major shift out of this bear market.

In the last month, we have already started to see the shift.

Back in 2022, I said we will likely an increase in the price of Bitcoin in early 2023. How did I know this?  - It's the same pattern that has happened in almost all prior bear markets (See: Brief History of Crypto Bull and Bear Markets).

As well, the prior crypto bull markets have been correlated to the Bitcoin halving event, which has resulted in higher highs for the market and results in the production of Bitcoins created to be cut in half - reducing the supply of Bitcoin into the market by 50% (and subsequently increasing it's market value).

However, millions are not going to be made investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum or any of the other top 100 cryptocurrencies (by market capitalization).

Where are the best investments?

The opportunity to make millions within the crypto space isn't within the top 100 cryptocurrencies - they have already realized their maximum growth trajectory and may only see a 2-10x increase in their price in the next bull market.

For example:

If you invested in Bitcoin at $20k and it goes up to $100, you have only made 5x.

The real (extraordinary) gains are within the small-cap market. In the last bull market, meme coins like Shibu Inu went up +5,000x.

This is exactly how one investor turned $5,000 into $5.6 billion dollars (ROI of  38,461,400%) during the last bull market.

It's about Investing in the Small Cap Gems

The big money is investing in the low-cap gems:

Low Cap Gems are low market capitalization cryptocurrencies with promising growth potential with expectations of 100x-1,000x (or more) ROI (Return On Investment).

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