#1 Long Exposure

#1 Long Exposure

By MadCryptoLad | alpha_Photography | 31 Dec 2020

I waited a relatively long time before buying an ND filter.

ND filters allow you to expose for a long time even during the day. The stronger the ND filter, the longer you can expose even in bright light.

All you need besides the ND filter is a tripod.

Such pictures look best when something moves continuously and another part of the picture remains unchanged at rest.

First Longexposure


Play a little with the exposure time and you will get a satisfying result.

It's really not witchcraft. The image has an exposure time of 3.2 seconds and an ISO of 64.


Camera used: Sony Alpha 7 III
Postprocessed with: Lightroom


I like to take Photos. Learning is everything.


Just a collection of my pictures.

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