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Predict bitcoin- earn bitcoin

By Justjonny25 | The Money Earner | 26 Jan 2021

I have been playing this game most days for quite a while.

The swissborg app, an excellent prediction game where you can earn chsb tokens for predicting just once a day whether the bitcoin price will go up or down, better than that the higher your points when the competition ends you will get a further reward

Also the more points you get from predicting the price of bitcoin the higher the ranking you go and the bigger share of half a million dollars in bitcoin you could earn when the competition ends.

The prize pool is currently at $188,517, it is capped at 500,000, it goes up by one when a new person joins, so we need to get as many to join as possible

This app really helped me learn about crypto understand the massive price fluctuations, and is really easy to do.

Unlike other projects at the moment swissborg has real monetary value, it may take a year maybe longer to get these tokens, but once you have got them they will be actually worth something

At the moment one chsb token is worth $0.38

I currently have 600 CHSB tokens simply from predicting the price of bitcoin each day. So although I can't claim it yet, it should be a year after the competition has ended and then I will be able to sell these tokens.

How long until can turn this into money, now that is the question

So they say you need to download the wealth app which is their trading platform and that you will get the chsb tokens 90 days after the competition has ended

When will the competition end? no idea

Then you can sell it? uh no you must hold them for a further 12 months


I suppose this could be a long way down the line, and yes I have my doubts because it all sounds so good to be true

But still, this is free, fun way of learning a great competition, and potentially a superb way of making some money. Honestly, I would do this for nothing so the chance to earn big is a huge bonus.

This could be one of those wish I was involved moments

If want to sign up to the community app sign up here Use my reference code 2MFQNTI to signup at

Now there is also another way to earn some money with swissborg and that is through their other app the wealth app. Where your CHSB tokens will go at competition end

Now an awesome second way of earning more is through the wealth app referral program, by signing up with this link and depositing €50 or more (or equivalent in their currency). We each then receive a ticket scratch it off for a prize between €1 and €100

sign up with referral link here

I havent got one yet so unsure what the chances are of higher rewards.

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