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Get £5 free spending money for signing up with TWIG referral, and make more selling your unwanted clothes.

By Justjonny25 | The Money Earner | 13 Nov 2021

Another free money offer, this time from TWIG a new app for selling stuff online. Get £5 free for signing up with a link and get £5 for each friend that signs up from your link.


What is Twig?

Twig is a novel little app that you can use to sell your unwanted clothes and other items for cash. That will get loaded onto your Twig debit card, which can then be used for other purchases.

Get £5 free with Twig referral bonus

The offer is pretty straightforward, you should get £5 when you sign up to twig through a referral link. The steps to follow are the following:

1) Click on the sign up link

2) Download the Twig app and use the invite link provided mine is "justjonny"

3) Verify your identity with a picture of driving licensce or pass port

4) Once verified you will get the referral bonus

5) Then order your card which will be posted to you within 5 working days

6) Activate the card and then you can either spend on the card or withdraw the money at an atm into cold hard cash

Some people have said that they only get £4 showing when they sign up others £5 it may depend on once you activate the card

My own experience

My own personal sign up experience wasn't quite as smooth but was easily rectifiable.

Most people were verified quite quickly after the ID was submitted, they say in app that it should take between a few minutes to a few days.

So when mine didnt show up after a couple of days I sent them a quick email and then despite not getting a response quite soon after (within 24 hours) my card was validated and the balance was shown in my account. I could then see the balance on my account.

Who can apply?

Twig is only available to UK residents, over the age of 18


How to make more money from twig?

This is quite a novel idea so you can then send a picture of the front, the back and of the label of the item you are selling with a few other bits of information to them.

You can then send the items to twig, who will check the authenticity of the item and try and sell it, if it sells you will then get paid onto your card.

If it doesn't sell the item will then be donated so as to not create any excess waste.

There are no fees to post the item this is covered by Twig. So if it is stuff you are just going to get rid off there is nothing to lose


The future of twig

This app looks like it is in it's early days, but they hope to offer many more options of things that can be sold as well as offering a service for recycling items in the future.

But be careful of returns

If the items are not accepted you will then be charged a fee for returning them to you £2.60

So if thinking of doing it then be honest with any information about wear and damage to the item as then you could find yourself out of pocket potentially



First and foremost this is a great way of getting some extra free money from the sign up offer. Without doing much at all.

As well as that by getting rid of your unwanted clothes, not only can you earn some extra money from them you are also helping the environment by ensuring the clothes are dealt with responsibly.

For me I am just here for the free money, I have no clothes that I think will be suitable for selling on, so not for me but I am intrigued by the idea and the ease of use and good payment options available so will certainly be watching this space.

If interested in signing up I would appreciate using my link and referral code "justjonny" any questions are always welcome happy for your to email me with any queries or talk to me on twitter.

Check out Twigs FAQ page for an extensive list of questions and answers.

We always like these free money offers from new companies a great way of trying out a service and making a quick buck

For more free money offers check out my sign up offers page


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