February 2022: Earned over £350 extra money online

By Justjonny25 | The Money Earner | 1 Mar 2022


February was another decent month with earning extra money online, but certainly not the best month. Dipping well below my personal target of £500 cash a month. But I have still been able to earn some decent extra money online in my spare time, which is helping me towards my financial goals.



We got once again over £200 with surveys alone, by far our biggest earner, we also made some decent money with user testing, and through the website (although still very minimal) and some small progress with KDP


So lets take it step by step and see what went well and what we may have lacked this month, I think a lot of the work I did in the last month will pay dividends later down the year.


Surveys £220.12 cash £10 amazon vouchers

This month was fantastic with surveys, by getting over £200 I was particularly happy with this as I have made a real conscious effort to only spend time with surveys that are worth my time. I want to use my time more productively. I will occasionally dip into the not so highly paying sites if it suits at the time.

But when I have that time to work in the evenings I spend an hour a day max on the surveys and usertesting that are well paying and the rest of my time on more productive elements like KDP or blogging. It may mean less revenue in the short term but in the long term it will be a certain better use of my time.


With Populus serving us very well with mine and my partners account both reaching the £50 threshold, Lifepoints another great month and panel base with a payout for a bigger project going great guns. Also little extra from one pulse and pureprofile who have reduced their payment threshold to £10.

The breakdown

Populus / Ylive £100

Lifepoints: £50

Panelbase £41.15

Onepulse £14.27

Pureprofile £10

The viewers £4.50

Citizen me £0.2


TRP £5 amazon

Random study £5 amazon

User testing £46.19

Another hugely very solid month from user testing. Intellizoom and usertesting pulling out all of the stops. Probably exactly the same amount of successful studies as last month. Tried to get in a few more usertesting ones but frequent screenouts. Much better success with intellizoom

I have also ventured out and found another user testing site ‘Userfeel’ Which is available as an app. However have only got as far as the qualification test but not heard anything since.


The breakdown

Intellizoom: £32.12

Usertesting: £14.07


Market research £0

Applied for a couple of studies but no joy with any market research, it is finding the time. And that is where a big difference between January and February is. I hoped to do one study a month but nothing this month


Cake DEFI 7.04 DFI (worth £19.28)

Passive income in the form of cake defi this month. Through staking my DFI I earned a further 7.04 DFI which as of 1st march 2022 is worth £2.74 a huge increase from a month previous when it was at £1.94




Website and blogging platforms

The website ticks along, I have written up a bit more content and tried to improve usability, but there is still much I need to learn which I need to work on.

The income is slowly creeping in but very minimally


Adsense: £6.59

Amazon associate: £18.90

A big dip from amazon associate but this was expected as a couple of huge orders last month really boosted the income another notable change from January. Adsense crept over it’s earnings from last month hopefully we keep seeing that rise as well.

Blogging platforms

Medium: £1.82 our partner program was at threat as didnt have 100 followers should have saved it now - so can continue my massive flex each month for my earnings on there - here was how it was done

Read.cash 0.03138224 BCH worth at the 1st of march £7.60

Publish ox (0.789 ampleforth £0.62, 3.2333 stratera, £0.27

KDP Income: £44.51, Expenses £14.99 – profit £29.52

We did a small amount of book sales 41 books. Mostly notebooks specifically one notebook, however a few wordsearch books which are my much bigger creations.


The majority of sales has come from one notebook which has earned most of my money, chasing to replicate that somehow as it won’t last forever due to it’s nature.


We had a dodgy month with KDP, as our account was put at risk due to some unwise publishing decisions that I made with trademark oversights. So I have been much more careful. Didn’t do anything for a couple of weeks.


Got a few ideas that want to put up.


I have uploaded four books in February 2 wordsearch books which too a considerable amount of time, whilst learning the process. But hopefully, in Q4 and gifting time it will pay dividends… time will tell.



I spent £4 on ads which probably broke even for the revenue that came in and also 10.99 on canva which I have put as a KDP expense even though use canva quite a lot for website it is more for KDP


Just a small mention again for EVER UP I have put £25 back into an account to get the daily raffle, they have a fair few scratch card or spin and win games that you can play for free. With the chance of cash prizes.

I have won £0.5 in my first day back in my account so will be interesting to see what a month on ever up does


Free jackpot

Free jackpot is another decent daily competition, you earn tickets through a variety of ways or spin their prize wheel and then there is a daily and weekly lottery with cash prizes.


In February I earned £5 from just clicking on games once a day and leaving in the background. The lowest voucher is £10 so yet to withdraw. (Withdrew £20 in January mind) so hopefully in march, we will tip over the voucher threshold

Sign up here

On to march

On to march, where we hope to send is some Lego investments that have got close to our ROI target to release some more capital to put back into it. Continue the grind with online money making methods. Improve the website and get some more books done in KDP




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