Prayer to Archangel Michael (A Poem A Day #3)
Noisy Angel

Prayer to Archangel Michael (A Poem A Day #3)

By AlmightyMelon | AlmightyMelon | 6 Mar 2020

“And this is pure white and is in the charge of the Archangel.
This is where you connect with the spirit world. It’s about finding peace.
It’s also where you connect with the unicorns.” (Cooper 2012) 

I have drawn four cards from the pack for you. Here is your reading: 

Four Cards About Angels

“You are a bridge between heaven and earth right now.” 

“Don’t you see? All we really are is intermediaries, eternally passing among others who are also intermediaries? But the question is, where is it all leading? Because I spend my life here in this never-ending flow of passengers, communications, conveyors, messengers, announcers and agents, because my work is at the intersecting point of a multitude of networks, all connected to the universe… I hear the sounds of these clouds of angels…” (Serres 1995)

I am picking up on several themes so far: a tendency towards the sensory, the Judeo-Christian and the Hermetic. (Whatever you do don’t eat the cake – it has the high priestess’ moon blood baked into it!)

“Then there was the mocker, a bright red bird of doubtful breeding. His best known feat took place early on the morning of Sept. 12, 1918. With one eye destroyed by a shell splinter, this game fellow raced home in splendid time from the vicinity of Beaumont front, St Mihiel sector, bearing a message of great importance. Not only did the information thus sent give the location of certain enemy batteries, but it enabled the Yank artillery to silence the rival guns within twenty minutes.” (Popular Mechanics 1930)

Do you know anyone who has passed called Michael? I have a Michael coming through from the other side. Does anyone in the audience have a Michael in the spirit world? Yes, you do? Right. He’s drifting in and out.

“The underlying cause of drift may be entropy: the amount of disorder (differences in probabilities) inherent in all linguistic systems.” (Wikipedia 2014)

I remember a teacher telling us about how the presence of an angel can hurt you, wound you, leave you bleeding. I feel like some messages hit you in the guts, stab you in the sides. You’re instantly transported somewhere you don’t want to be.

“Each message has an exact meaning intended to provoke a particular response of the receiver. Define syntax, semantics, and synchronization; independent of how it is implemented. Protocol can be hardware or software but agreed upon by parties involved: a technical standard. Programming language the same for computations, so there is a close analogy: protocols to communications as languages to computations.” (Wikipedia 2014)

70% of that message was lost, lossy, but I understand this much: a word falls from use like a leaf falls to the forest floor. Then it rots in obscurity only to be swallowed up as compost and pumped up to the top of the tree to sprout into use again. It’s a cyclical kind of motion. “Spinning and shimmering…”

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Published 2018 in "Selection" and previously in "Brief".

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