Free Helium (HNT) Hotspot Miner

Free Helium (HNT) Hotspot Miner

By jaguarundi | allpassiveincome | 12 Oct 2021

Excellent Opportunity!! Get Monthly Income and Without Any Investment... TOTALLY FREE, an opportunity that you cannot miss.

HeliumTrack is a fast and intelligent platform to plan, track and manage helium hotspots exclusively for iHub Global members. HeliumTrack was designed with you in mind. Accessible and functional from any device, HeliumTrack is an intelligent app that gives you clear, understandable guidance, while delivering full hotspot visibility at a glance.

You can install a Hotspot equipment in your home or office and in exchange, the company offers you to share 25% per month of the profits that its technology services generate."The Hotspot is TOTALLY FREE *No Payment or Investment is required *" Only one is required Internet connection and that the equipment is connected to the electrical network and its consumption is very low. You receive it, you install it and you are done!

The reason why it’s FREE is that the company fronts the cost in exchange for a % of all the coins you mine.

You might ask why they don’t just put all the miners in one spot and keep all of the coins because that’s not how it works, they’re trying to deploy 40 million of these things across the globe.

They want one every 300 meters. There is no fee, no catch, just put the device in near your window and let it do its thing. Then get paid. To have more information about the Project and request your Free Hotspot register 

Get Yours For Free Here:

Important: There CANNOT be two teams in a range of 300 meters around. Request yours TODAY, and it's free.



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