Want to drive audience you really want with a very low advertising budget. Here is what I have for you.

By Jreck | Allboutcrypto | 1 Apr 2021

This is really personal. Let us get on it. 

I tried a lot to get the best audience. I know there are many advertising agencies for quality traffic but they cost high. Why should you pay high when you can pay less and get not the same but better than poor traffic. Just start with 2000 Satoshi or 1 dollar for 1000 jerks. Oh! Sorry, they ain't jerks but are a digital mob and yeah me too. What does that prove to you? Nothing, just people interested in getting visitors to their site or, a secret, even to your publish0x post. You guys might say why didn't you do it. I reply y'all, I don't force people to read my posts, you get to judge me people. Okay, now the website is really known, yeah, almost most people know it and it has an awesome way of dealing with audience. 

Let me say the site name.


Coinpayu.com . I know you want to shit on my article, you know it. But I just wanted to get some stupid stuff. Register and have fun. No seriously guys, signup and turn into a wannabe stupid zombies. You can't make a fortune unless you do something really good with the site. Get referrals or increase audience. These are how you can make a good money. Now, why did I take this in my article. Come on guys, I wanna do simple and easy to yuh. Listen, sorry read, I thought of getting referrals 😈🤑. Yep I really want it. You will be like🤔🤓🙄. No one will register. Oh come on who cares for that shit, I just kicked off this to get some attention. You are finding a knife to stab me. You deserve that anger and enjoy. Sip French Vanilla. Wait, I really think you have to sign up and just get my shit worth being a shit. 


Now, you have nothing to do. Please leave. Huh, you don't feel right. Am I mad, no, it is just the way I deal with my articles. Thank you for being a part of this reading extravaganza. Zip it, no halt writing your article. 

Okay, fine, oh, oh, oh bye. 

You feel it is useless I know it is. But to someone it might be funny or the most disgusting article. Thanks, atleast you give a position, Beit bad or good. Still you evaluated my article. That attention pays off. 

Thank you public. You are the change. 

Drop your comments down, let me see how bad or good people feel. You get to say anything, when I say anything I mean anything. But be careful, norms of publish0x are still in existence. 

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Stupidity extremist,


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