Solana's new hackathon contest teaming up serum labs and rewards upto 400k dollars and 100 dollar for submitting project.

Solana's new hackathon contest teaming up serum labs and rewards upto 400k dollars and 100 dollar for submitting project.

By Jreck | Allboutcrypto | 8 Feb 2021

You saw it right guys, solana has launched a new defi hackathon competition which is goin to start from 15th Feb through 1st of March. 

I will give you the important points and also what is to be done and all the sources provided by Solana labs. I don't have the copyright but I just asked solana labs through email to mention about the contest. They approved my request. This is just partial info and sources will be provided. 

First of all, Solana has teamed up with serum labs to start a blazing speed payments with low fees. It is open to everyone around the globe. You are required a team to develop. Now about the contest. 

Developers are required to experiment and leverage their technology to create a plethora( large amount of something) of defi applications. 

' Get started building' and 'other resources+ defi building blocks' will be found on their GitHub page which I will drop after giving you about judgement by Solana's team. Judgement is based on the following criteria:

  1. Functionality
  2. Potential impact
  3. Novelty
  4. Design + UX
  5. Composability         

All teams are required to submit 1 project only. After submission, solana will pass on the list of participants to the judges for final judgement. After judgement, the organisers of hackathon will discuss with the judges for winners on weighted scores. There are a list of prizes that I will write down now,



Grand Prize Winner

$200k in seed funding First Place Winners 2 winners up to $50k each + Solana Swag Second Place Winners 3 teams of $20k each + Solana Swag Third Place Winners 4 teams of $10k each + Solana Swag Community Choice Prize $5k + Solana Swag SushiSwap Prize $50k Torus Prize $2k All participants that submit a project



The prizes show everything about the rewards. Every project submitted will get 100 dollars. Really! It is true, it is no scam. Believe me. You can get to win the above prizes and 100 dollars for sure. 


Want some ideas. Solana also provides all of that. 

Let us get started with the ideas. 

1)Serum Ideas- serum has produced an exclusive serum related list and I don't have the permission to list it. But you can find it here: 

2) Lending front end and primitive: A Money market lending protocol native to Solana. 

3) Cross-Chain Lending 

4) Fixed-Rate Loans 

5) Censorshipesistant Wallstreetbets 

6) BasisTrade Stablecoin 

7) Make use of Coingecko API in Solana dapps. 

And many more. I can't list all, it is goin to be too big. Don't worry this is the link.

You can also read the official announcement on 

Legal disclaimer and all norms are provided by Solana and the link is given above. The first link. 

Are you thinking about me, I already signed up and now it si for your part. 


You can sign up on their official website that is and start your project. Remember you should do with a team. That is what I recommend cuz it saves time and also rectifies mistakes, done by anyone, by someone in your team if they are dedicated. 

Get your hands on those prizes and not only that, development of your own self is important. Nothing goes waste. You get 100 dollar for participating if you don't win. Let us compete, I don't know with who but I am ready with my team. 

Let us have fun and enjoy the future with blockchain and Defi. It is fun time bitches. Get yourself started. 

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Written with solitude( cuz no one is at home and I am in my bedroom with my headphones and laptop😈, just chilling😊),


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