Do you listen to music? Then you must see this article related to Bitcoin and music.

By Jreck | Allboutcrypto | 27 Jan 2021

This one has to be installed in your phone.

Welcome guys. Today I am going to say you a secret. Oh no it is not. It is just that I am using it and I found helpful. Well I would give 4 Outta 5 cuz everything comes with flaw. I am going to talk about an app which is featured in news. Let us get started.

  • Current app is a basic app to listen music. It gives new releases of all songs. I have been using this for a year and it has been perfect. To be true, The only thing  I didn't like is the interface. Well lemme say that signing up through this link will give a sign up bonus which is valid only for two minutes. You have to register within that span. Here is the link.

Okay now let me deal with the usage. After signing up with your email or phone no you will start a new journey in listening music. What you have to do is turn on the play button or search some of your favourite music app. Every minute you would get 0.1 points. Now I know you might be thinking it is too low. Of course it is but it pays to listen music. Better than other earning apps. It has radio stations who get sponsored by music companies and they ask current app to reward users to listen that music. It is basically publicizing music. Now, if you want to make more than that then you might choose options of gaming, offers, surveys.

Gaming option pays you upto 50000 points from 1 to 30 minutes. Offers pay you upto 20000 points per offer. Surveys pay upto 10000 points per survey. Well you can also watch advertisement for 15 points every 30 seconds. Now talking about payments. That is the main a part. It has payment options in a wide range. From gift cards, paypal, free premium services on your favourite apps and Bitcoin. Now you can select a wide range of payments but I really insist you to choose bitcoin. That is why I mentioned in my title. Because paypal requires around 8000 points to withdraw only 1 dollar. It really doesn't pay you off. So when you choose Bitcoin. It gives you 3 dollar plus five dollars bonus only for 950 points. It means 8 times 8 is 64 dollars if you choose Bitcoin over paypal. 

But to recieve 5 dollar bonus you have to be in the list of OXT to get that. I go with 3 dollar value that make around 24 dollars. I usually play games do offers and surveys once in a week. I usually listen music and I make 50 dollars per month. Guys hard work pays off. It is not that high but it is enough for your morning coffee. You get it. I belive that you would enjoy my perfection less article. Lol. Reminder once again. Sign up through my link and you recieve 3 months of free gift cards. It is in app gift card. Not redeemable to cash. Well you also get 3 months free if you don't sign through my link. You dick. You lied to us. Wait, I believed you could do so and for that I get 5 percent of your earning. Thanks a lot if you did and never mind if you didn't. 

It is again a boring article baby. I know. I can get something really against the policy of publish0x but yeah I know one thing and I am coming for it baby in the future. Till then keep smiling, make change and be great.

I forgot to add one thing and that is nil. Just kidding readers.

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Good day to all.

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