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Make Dye, turn sap to syrup, and get some things out of discord.

By KylinVDM | All things Timberlandia | 13 Feb 2023

So if your on my discord and have been doing the /work and /walk commands you have likely earned a fair bit of maple coins and some items. Well now you can do some things with them. 

If you have blueberries you can use the /redeemblueberry command and you'll get a claim link for the nft


There is also an option for /redeemlid and /redeemjar which will get you a jar lid and a jar. 

These can be combined in Waxdao 

empty jar sm

And from here you have two options(currently. There will be more) IF your'e been putting your cats or Charlie you'll have some maple sap(MPLSAP) from the farms and you can turn sap into syrup here 

a jar of Maple Syrup sm

And if you you have some blueberries you can make blue dye here 

So what's next? 

There will be some more things to make different colours of dye. 

Packs that will have jars and lids in them(gotta do pack art and decided on a cost)

Erin the Mayor is also coming out soon. 

I've also decided what the theme for next months monthly subscription will be. BIRDS! So if you have a favorite comment below. 

If you want to join my discord server and earn some nfts and get exclusive hints at new things follow this link 

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I'm the creator of Kylin creates and Timberlandia. I also play crypto games and such.

All things Timberlandia
All things Timberlandia

This blog is for my collection called Timberlandia.

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