George R.R Martin vs. J.R.R Tolkien



One of the main reasons I found my way here was to find other people who shared my love of the fantasy genre. Over the years I've made a few posts touching on a few of the authors I like and recent happenings that interest me, though I haven't quite connected with too many like minded people yet. With that in mind, what better way to bring in more people to the discussion than this excellent video from the people over at Epic Rap Battles-



If you aren't familiar with epic rap battles they take 2 figures from pop culture or history and have them square off in a rap battle. They are almost always hilarious and very well done. Being a fan of both, I appreciate a lot of the subtle references thrown in. The more you know about these two series and these authors the more enjoyment you will get out of it. Hopefully this brings a few more fans into the discussion, as always, feel free to comment with any thoughts or suggestions.


Tolkien on the last verse

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All things reading, fantasy, and books
All things reading, fantasy, and books

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