Why you should be joining sorare.com

Why you should be joining sorare.com

By Omarfaker | All things markets | 25 Jan 2021

I wrote an article previously about this giving my experience that I had after using sorare.com for a few days. If you interested in reading it please check it out via my profile. Don't forget to follow while you at it. 

So for those who don't know sorare.com is a fantasy football league built on the Ethereum network that allows you to buy and sell players and draft a team of five to play in the weekly games where you can earn a combination of cards and eth. In all honesty it's quite easy to earn the eth.

Each card per season is divided into 100 rare cards, 10 super rare cards and 1 unique card. 

In my 5 week journey I've grown my small account of 50 dollars to now just over 400 dollars worth of cards that I can use to enter weekly games. 

How did I do it? Well reviewing how I started now it's obvious that I made many mistakes and if you plan on joining, this article is for you so you can avoid the rookie mistakes I made. 

A brief break down of how it works. When you join you are gifted with 10 non-tradeable cards known as common cards. I highly recommend that you take a strong line up of goal keepers because this will come into play later. I would even go so far as saying to take 3 quality goal keepers and auto the remainder. The reason for this is because goal keepers are extremely pricey and to get one that's top quality will mostlikely go for plus $200 however you will be able to snipe the same goal keeper via common cards at no cost. This will allow you to have a full playing squad increasing your chances of getting the weekly rewards. 

Next I would ensure that when signing up I use a referral link sorare.com/r/a omarfaker once you've completed  purchasing from new signings you'll be  eligible for a free rare card, I'll get one too. These cards tend to be quite good cards which will cost you a penny outright so it's extremely important to sign up via a referral link. Once you addicted you'll regret it dearly. Don't be me! 

Card trading is done on two fronts. You get newly minted cards that get sold via auctions under new signings. Remember the 100 rare cards, 10 super rare and 1 unique. Well, this is where the newly minted ones will be auctioned and secondly you get the secondary market where you can buy and swap cards from other players. Initially when I was involved for a few days I under estimated the secondary market but it seems to be a thriving economy on its own so it is worth the effort. I would also recommend reviewing the cost of your players price week on week because the value can change based on there performance so you wouldn't want to be caught in a situation where you have a player listed for perhaps 40 dollars however he had a few amazing game weeks resulting in the demand of him going up and as a result he gets purchased for less than what you could have potentially gotten if this was reviewed occasionally. This leads me to my next big one. 

Trade in eth not dollars! When joining initially most seem to trade in dollars however the most experienced trade in eth. Both prices are listed so it's important to get accustomed to this. Prices are directly linked to eth value so someone might give you the same amount of eth but because of the spike in eth value you think you making more but essentially you getting the same amount of eth. The only time I recommend doing this is if you need access to cash quickly. 

Next we will focus on the various leagues available. When entering the weekly games there are a variety of leagues available. For eg you get global all star, you get under 23 and a few others. Each league is divided into 4 divisions with each division having different card requirements. The most common one regardless of the league you choose will most likely be division 4. This allows you to choose one common card and 4 rare. It is mandatory to have atleast 1 goal keeper, 1 defender, 1 midfielder and 1 striker and the additional player can be one of your choice other than a goal keeper. 

I mentioned this because when buying players it's important to focus on one league and to ensure that the players your buying actually are playing in the coming game week. For eg MLS an American league is only due to start sometime in February so it would be pointless to buy a full team of these players now however for eg Ligue 1 is playing so it would be best to focus on buying players from these leagues. The only time I would recommend buying MLS players now is if you looking for deals and your building a team now for the coming MLS games. They would go for dramatically cheaper now then if they were playing so the scouting aspect of the game is real.

Lastly there is an additional website called soraredata.com. In the beginning you might not be accustomed to using it but it's value that it brings is unbelievable. This is where you can check everything in terms of players, teams, leagues, managers and so much more. It's your data analysis tool and it will allow you to gain insight of what other managers are doing and which players they taking etc. I use this in combination with futbin which I use for fifa21. I think this is important especially if you plan on playing in the under 23 league. Great players might not be getting game time resulting in them being underpriced and overlooked hence why I recommend these two invaluable tools. 

I hope you enjoyed this article and that I have persuaded you to join sorare.com. It's really addictive and it's worth the effort. I highly recommend it. Also please don't get to use my referral link so we both benefit from the referral. 

Lastly as always happy trading! 



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