What to look forward to in February

By KylinVDM | All things Kylincreates | 29 Jan 2023

Sadly no subscription pass. It's going to be a busy week with school, family visiting and just generally a high stress month. I don't want to either make a commitment I can't make or stress myself out doing something and make it not fun anymore. 

There will be one in March. 

So bad news out of the way some things you can look forward to from me in February is some more Timberlandia things. The Mayor of Timberlandia Erin is going to be released. I'm also hoping to have the maple-farming starting kit drop, buuuut make no promises since I have barely started on the artwork for what's in that. 


There will also be upgrades to the bot. The first is actually already done which has consisted of upgrading the market. Now on redeeming an acorn from one's inventory you'll be given a claim link rather than me having to manually send it. I plan to do this for other items moving forward. Once I do the artwork for them. 


And lastly there will be a use case for the MPLSAP coin which can currently be earned by staking Timberlandia denizines in my waxdao farms. This will allow for trading for tasty things like pancakes, waffles, ice-cream and muffins. If you'd like to vote as to which tasty treat gets made first post in the comments :)

I'm also hoping to do at least one Kylincreates drop a week. 

Lastly I am going to be investigating methods of selling originals/prints because that seems fun. 

so the tldr version

-no monthly subscription

-Lots happening with timberlandia. 

-irl sales being investigated 



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