Week of June 26

By KylinVDM | All things Kylincreates | 28 Jun 2023


So somethings you can look forward to that I can acutely talk about now that I've started the art. 

the first is a pfp that is going to involve butterflies and flowers of both normal and fantastical nature. 

some really rough art

The second is a series of art that will cover birds drawn, inked and water coloured buuut also blended for. 

You'll be able to get eggs(in many ways), a nest(to hatch said egg), and grow your bird(with bird food) all of which will be tradable with maple syrup, purchased with WAXP, DHC, SHING or TACO. The eggs, nest, and food will also be purchasable via the coins you can earn in my discord or purchased with fiat via ko-fi.

a rough sketch of a fledglin robin

a rough inking of a robin's egg

 So if you have a bird you want to be part of this project let me know. 

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I'm the creator of Kylin creates and Timberlandia. I also play crypto games and such.

All things Kylincreates
All things Kylincreates

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