Looking forward to the new year!

By KylinVDM | All things Kylincreates | 30 Dec 2023

Hello my friends, and also if your a stranger and seeing this welcome!

I've been reflecting on the past year, what worked and what didn't, what I enjoyed about being in the wax space and what wasn't awesome.

I've throughly enjoyed sharing artwork with people. Art for arts sake is good and all but art for the enjoyment of others is seriously motivating and reminds me that I love sharing joy with people. That said, the subscription stuff I was doing in the past kinda burnt me out becuase I was putting to much pressure on myself to produce, however I really enjoyed that I only had to decide a price once per month. After much thought and consideration I've come up with a plan.

The plan is that every Monday in the new year I will have a drop, this drop will cost 12 wax. At start I will have 10 mints, if/when those fifteen sell out in the first week I will up it to 20, and then 25 etc. 

I will also be selling a year long pass that will cost 450 wax.(I will also be decreasing the price of the pass by 35 wax on the 1st Monday of each month) This pass will get you one of each of the 52 artworks airdropped into the wallet the pass is in.(and if you have more than one pass, you will get multiple drops). Also the pass holders will get theres minted first, so if 5 people hold a pass, the lowest mint folks buying from the drop will get is 6. Also pass holders will count as sales. So if 15 people buy passes, I'm going to automatically be minting 20, with the drop having the last five. (I will also do one heck of a goofy happy dance.) 


Here's a link to the pass or if you want to buy it with FIAT 

Once I have four drops that have been live for over a month I will be minting any that aren't sold and stuffing them in packs which will be for sale, as well as earn-able through mining on my galatic123 planet, as well as with blends from timberlandia things. (There will be an announcement when these features go live)

This artworks will be a mix of things, they might be quick and goofy animations, they might be still life studies, nice watercolour flowers, concept art for Timberlandia characters/blends, bugs, birds or more inkling monsters. 

Part of why I am not promising more than one drop a week is so I have time/energy to work on larger things like pfps, timberlandis blends, and other artworks that require larger amounts of time. Which leads natrually into what larger things I'm working on.

I have two mirror blends in the work, one is brand new stuff which I'm enjoying working on as it's a blend of traditional and digital art. The other will be giving the Many kitties pfp cats catnip and is fun to work on cause it's super psychedelic. 

In addition to this I am working on some art work for blends with the main three cats and Charlie that will let you change their colours, give them fairy or a new outfit. These will use nfthives very cool multi-layer blends. 

On a final note I am also going to be doing monthly updates as the weekly updates got annoying, but a monthly update showing drops, works in progress, and talking about work I'm doing on the Timberlandia discord seems often enough to be resonable but not so often as to be a chore. 

What are your plans, artisticly, cryptoly or otherwise you want to share? 


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I'm the creator of Kylin creates and Timberlandia. I also play crypto games and such.

All things Kylincreates
All things Kylincreates

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