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By Franklinlee | All-things-Crypto | 25 Mar 2020


In my case, I didn't join Publish0x as one of those writer who was just rearing to get right at it. I mean you read some stories of guys who apply for authorship and immediately they are granted they begin churning out crazy and world-class stuff. I've seen guys that in their first month here, they are making over 170 BAT. Well my story was not like that (at all). My first month on BAT I spent just watching and reading articles. There were so many very very good authors here that I almost felt out of place. At some point, I almost started to feel like I was not needed here and that my posts wouldn't be enjoyed.





Well after a month of lazying around and doing next to nothing on the platform I applied for my authorship. It was very fast and in another three days I was receiving an email telling me I had become an author and to start earning. I still had to conquer the doubt though that I was not good enough and was not fit to share my knowledge with others here. But then I started to grow the confidence and I started putting out my content and I must say the reception has being awesome.





In under one month of being active in Publish0x, I am just maybe five or so followers shy of a hundred, and I have being earning BAT nicely. Currently have earned 130 BAT and I am building my stash of BAT and I know it will only get bigger. But apart from the earnings and the followers I have being able to meet and I'm following some really awesome people. I follow and learn stuff daily from people like @Mr.CryptoWiki and @MadMaxx. These guys put out really dope content and so if you're not following them, you definitely should.




One month on the platform has being really dope and I can begin to imagine what one year will be like.

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