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The Crypto space is one that is constantly evolving and getting better. New and better ways are coming up for you to make money. And now you can earn passive income from Crypto without working actively. Some of the ways to get a passive income that I will discuss now include:



1) CRYPTO STAKING: The Proof-of-Stake (PoS) system with all its faults and it's shortcomings has proven to be a great way to earn money passively. Staking is basically HODLING Cryptocurrencies in your wallet for a long period of time and your earn interest on it as a result. Staking is a way of validating transactions on the Blockchain and the wallets are connected to the Blockchain, so the larger your Crypto holding, the more interest you earn. All you have to do is to Hodl the Crypto and you get an interest for doing nothing. There are so many staking platforms but I would recommend you carry out thorough research before choosing which to use. This is because their interest rates vary and you want to get the best interest rates for your money. Some exchanges also offer the staking feature and so you can get a passive income from them too. It is one way that is trending a lot in Crypto, and I do it and I would recommend you do it too. Not all coins accept the PoS model, so you can't stake all coins.



2) CRYPTO LENDING: This is similar to the normal lending that we have in the traditional financial institutions. Here, you lend Cryptocurrencies for interest to people who might need it maybe for trading or whatever. Many exchanges gives the option for you to make your holding available and you attach interest. There is margin lending where the exchange hosts the lending, they link and bring the lender and the borrower together, Poloniex, Binance and Bitfinex are just a few examples of some exchanges that offer Margin Lending. There is also the Peer-to-peer lending where the lending is carried out on a website. The interest is pre-set by the site and they are in charge of linking the lender and the borrower.



3) AFFILIATE MARKETING: This is one way of earning passively that has been in Crypto for a long while. Various exchanges, platforms and a lot more others give you the opportunity to earn with them by referring new users to them. Everywhere from blogs like Uptrennd and Publish0x, to exchanges like Binance and Coinbase, to even wallets like Trust Wallet all have affiliate marketing programs for you to earn with. If you have a large group, maybe on Telegram or Discord or even WhatsApp, you can divert the traffic and make good money from affiliate marketing.




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