Earn Green Profits with Proof of Stake Coin BitGreen

Earn Green Profits with Proof of Stake Coin BitGreen

By ArcticSun | All Things Crypto | 13 May 2019

Early in January 2019 I wrote about earning Passive & Green Income with Bitcoin Green. The coin has recently rebranded from Bitcoin Green to BitGreen (BITG) in an effort to move away from Bitcoin and the association with the high demand Proof of Work (Pow) cryptocurrency. 

BITG is a Masternode and Proof of Stake coin so coin holders earn passive income simply by holding and locking up coins. A new block is generated and mined every 60 seconds. When a new block is generated, 15% of the block reward goes to the proof-of-stake miner, and 85% goes to the masternode. 

You can stake with any number of coins however 100 coins is the recommended minimum. This would earn about 1.5 BITG per stake. The annual reward at the current network rate is 60% - 65% ROI.

To run a masternode requires 2500 coins. The ROI is 78% so it would take just under 1.25 years to recoup your initial investment.

Is it worth investing? While nothing in cryptocurrency is guaranteed BITG fundamentals seem strong. The coin survived the ravages of the 2018 bear market and has been making some steady gains in 2019. Although its still a long way from its all time high (around $12 USD), the coin has made good profit opportunites for traders with some 50 to 100% gains during April and May 2019. 

The project is highly active. The BitGreen team have been steadily working through the roadmap and The Green Protocol. Updates coming to the BITG ecosystem include: Community Governance, P2P Crowdfunding and a significant wallet update (now available on their official GitHub).

With an anticipated bull run for altcoins in 2019, BITG will hopefully join the run and see some positive price action as well. There is plenty of room to the upside for BitGreen. 

The official BITG website is https://bitg.org. For trading BITG try CREX or STEX.



(Always do your own research and due diligence before investing). 






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