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Earn Green Profits with Proof of Stake Coin BitGreen

13 May 2019 1 minute read comments ArcticSun

Early in January 2019 I wrote about earning Passive & Green Income with Bitcoin Green. The coin has recently rebranded from Bitcoin Green to BitGreen (BITG) in an effort to move away from Bitcoin and the association with the high demand Proof of Work...

Razy Trojan raids cryptocurrency

26 Jan 2019 1 minute read comments ArcticSun

A new Trojan that steals cryptocurrency by targeting webpages, google searches and chrome browser extensions has been discovered by Kaspersky Labs. Named the Razy Trojan, it can install malicious browser extensions or infect already installed extensi...

Countdown to Zilliqa Mainnet Launch...

24 Jan 2019 1 minute read comments ArcticSun

Keep an eye on Zilliqa for potential price action heading into the last week of January 2019 as the high performance blockchain nears its mainnet launch. It's just over a year since Zilliqa's genesis block was born and the blockchain that originated...

Passive & Green Income with Bitcoin Green

23 Jan 2019 3 minute read comments ArcticSun

The ongoing electricity cost associated with running a mining rig on Bitcoin is often criticized for its energy guzzling requirements. Mining not just for Bitcoin but all other mineable altcoins, can be an ongoing challenge especially in a volatile o...