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Earn Green Profits with Proof of Stake Coin BitGreen

13 May 2019 1 minute read 0 comments ArcticSun

Early in January 2019 I wrote about earning Passive & Green Income with Bitcoin Green. The coin has recently rebranded from Bitcoin Green to BitGreen (BITG) in an effort to move away from Bitcoin and the association with the high demand Proof of Work...

Razy Trojan raids cryptocurrency

26 Jan 2019 1 minute read 0 comments ArcticSun

A new Trojan that steals cryptocurrency by targeting webpages, google searches and chrome browser extensions has been discovered by Kaspersky Labs. Named the Razy Trojan, it can install malicious browser extensions or infect already installed extensi...

Countdown to Zilliqa Mainnet Launch...

24 Jan 2019 1 minute read 0 comments ArcticSun

Keep an eye on Zilliqa for potential price action heading into the last week of January 2019 as the high performance blockchain nears its mainnet launch. It's just over a year since Zilliqa's genesis block was born and the blockchain that originated...

Passive & Green Income with Bitcoin Green

23 Jan 2019 3 minute read 5 comments ArcticSun

The ongoing electricity cost associated with running a mining rig on Bitcoin is often criticized for its energy guzzling requirements. Mining not just for Bitcoin but all other mineable altcoins, can be an ongoing challenge especially in a volatile o...


Steem is a shitcoin

13 May 2019 Turtle_Girl

13 May 2019
Well a lot of coins have lost value with BTC's rapid run up in April & May but yep Steem chart looks pretty bad. Downward trend since its inception.

DOCK provides personal management of data Online

4 Feb 2019 Cryptoray

07 February 2019
Very interesting indeed!

Do You Remember?

4 Feb 2019 Solar Phasing

04 February 2019
Really enjoying your music. Thank you!

Stuck in a traffic jam? Why not get paid in cryptocurrency?

31 Jan 2019 ArcticSun

31 January 2019
Privacy is an issue. I read that car companies like Ford and BMW are looking at smart cars that collect data on traffic, fuel consumption etc but I doubt they'll include paying the motorist or asking permission to collect the data. With something like TDC you'd own the data and opt in what to share.

Stuck in a traffic jam? Why not get paid in cryptocurrency?

31 Jan 2019 ArcticSun

31 January 2019
Just their twitter account which has very few followers.

What is a Moving Average? Simple vs Exponential? Learn to Trade & Calculate Them!

29 Jan 2019 Crypto Quantamental

30 January 2019
Thanks. Really well explained and will give it a go.


27 Jan 2019 CryptoBitcoinChris

28 January 2019
Was getting concerned when didn't see your usual daily video. Glad to see your back!

Getting started with Data Science - My Story

27 Jan 2019 everestbits

27 January 2019
Great article. I have been keen to get stuck into python for awhile now.

Basic Attention Token Price Potential

25 Jan 2019 littleboy

27 January 2019
Am also a big fan of BAT. I'm curious if it might change the nature of adverts in terms of entertainment value - if your vying for users attention to watch an ad then the producers may be pushed to provide something more of informative value rather than just a sell. Either way I think it has a great use case.

(IJCH) Six Neat Facts About DASH (Question/Answer Format - Click For Answers)

26 Jan 2019 JaiChai

26 January 2019
Interesting. How likely is number 4 to occur?

DATA- “The new oil”

26 Jan 2019 everestbits

26 January 2019
Thought you might be interested in this - Amazon's Go store and the data they can collect...

Passive & Green Income with Bitcoin Green

23 Jan 2019 ArcticSun

26 January 2019
I totally disagree littleboy. Much of the crypto market is down by 80% to 90% from all time highs from Jan 2018. BITG has pretty much just followed the patterns of the market for the last 12 months. Its flat lined for a few months at its current price - I think its reached its low. I see no reason why it wont rise again.

Don't waste your Money on USB Miners

25 Jan 2019 Daniel Pinkowski

25 January 2019
Yep. USB miners are useful for a cheap introduction to experiment with mining rather than mining for profit.

One Potential Issue with TRON's BitTorrent (At least in the US)

23 Jan 2019

25 January 2019
Would be better if they could find away to reward the content creators and artists as well.

A Better Name for the Next Generation Life Changing Technology

23 Jan 2019 JaiChai

24 January 2019
Definitely technology I'm looking forward to.

I love Musicoin!

23 Jan 2019 KilSkillz Sacue

23 January 2019
Musicoin is also a mineable proof of work crypto. Its still possible to mine with a minimal mining rig.

The presence of Cryptocurrency in the Global Football Industry

23 Jan 2019 LindaCrypto

23 January 2019
Great article and research. I spend a lot of time online reading up on crypto news - the only thing I'd recently heard about was Litecoin being advertised at some big football this is an eye-opener. Definitely will bring a lot of exposure to crypto.

EXPERIMENT - Tracking Top 10 Cryptocurrencies for One Year (2018) - FINAL REPORT FOR 2018 - Down 85%

14 Jan 2019 starthere

20 January 2019
HODL. No point to sell now. Be interesting to see what they are worth at the end of 2019. 2018 was tough but I think, I hope 2019 will be better with more application and real world use of blockchain tech. Altcoins at the moment look like they breaking off from bitcoin and are showing better gains then the top ten cryptos.

Bypassing Vietnam’s Crypto Blockage with OTC platforms

15 Jan 2019 Raichel

20 January 2019
Interesting that Vietnam has taken this approach considering nearby neighbors such as Thailand are embracing cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

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