Questions and more with BitAliens.

By Leann91X | All news 24/7 | 7 May 2021


I just begin on these days talking a lot with the finest Ocean NFTs community and you will not lose this..

My questions are give to the Creator and father of BitAliens project


I was waiting a lot but honestly is a very busy Artist and always is helping and talking with the NFTs community.

This make a little difficult the time for a Interview

But here we are!


BitAliens creator here answers to all my questions….


I like to begin by just talking about yourself like a person and Artist.

If this is not a problem right?


First question


- Where do you come from?


I was born in Poland but I live in Scotland (5 minutes from Skelebits ;))

Very cool the unbreakable team Skelebit/BitAliens yes

Very close i like to say 5 minutes is like " i want to see my friend and pump open the door and heyyy "

Is very nice to know


- Can you talk about you? Your name or nickname


My name is Eryk.


Wow that's was very easy is nice to meet you like always say.

"Is a Honor"

Eryk a strong short name


Now just continue with my questions


- When you begin in this world is it difficult or just an easy road?


It's easy and difficult. It's easy because I love it, I love art and I love building. It's hard because it's a lot of hours and a lot of work but I'm not complaining, it's so much fun and amazing to do.

You have so much right on it, I just totally support it.


- Where comes the BitsAlien idea and why?


When I first started with BitAliens, CryptoPunks inspired me because I seen them a lot on Gary Vee's and Logan Pauls videos. I loved the pixel style. I was born in the 90s so when I played games as a kid I always played pixelated games such as Pokemon Silver/Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire & Emerald. Not many people were doing aliens so I took the opportunity and don't regret it at all.


The best and always Good old times. And Yes Aliens almost nobody is doing something like it very good Art work you begin just giving your original Alien touch.


- How many artists right now want to collaborate?


A lot! It's difficult to say no to a lot of people but there is a lot going on right now!

Yes many many people want a Bit Alien included in his project.

And thats is just nice



6- How will be your first choice?

Skelebits, Sprytes, ODDMANOUT, Pixel Of The Apes, KinkySkullx, Greis, and so many more!

Just a team of legends .....very cool


- What do you feel about the creation of one of your BitAliens?

It feels amazing to put out work that a lot of people really love!

Yeah total agreed with it many people love your work

I am just a fan too, everybody wants BitAlien on his wallet.

- Do you hear about Wax?

Eosio Atomic NFTs system?

I have heard about wax but for me I think OpenSea makes more sense :)


Is true there are very good artists in Wax chain but like i say is a owner choice and a good one too.


-Why did you choose ETH in the first place?


ETH is the main currency used on OpenSea and is also a very good investment!

Yes ETH and Ocean they are giving a good choice to our Community our Artist the chance to be famous and get into the ETH market very nice one


I have two questions. I hope you like it.   

-What do you feel being a very important?

It's amazing, and I love to help people get there too. I know that I have to set an example and give good advice and make sure I reach out to everybody.


Like i say just taking care about his community always

Nice way to think.

And my last question


-Do you like to say something to our Newbies In NFTs world!

A good advised.?


PLEASE don't give up if you don't make a sale. You are so early in this industry. Keep creating and building a community and strong friendships. Your friends will become your collectors. Be active on social media and make sure you reply to as many people as you can.


Also don't overprice yourself, when nobody knows you, people won't buy your art for hundreds unless you have a track record for completing big projects. Start off small (or maybe even free, first 100 BitAliens are free) and go from there!


Thank you for asking me the awesome questions, I hope you can have me here again soon! Good luck on your projects and purchases everyone!

Just talking and enjoy the time with BitAliens taking a good place in NFTs community just keeping in about all

And taking care of your friends..

A good advice


It is always an honor to write about legends around here.

I am sure if you are reading this you will like to check his Twitter and also some of those wonderful BitAliens ready for your buy


Twitter link;

Thanks so much for all and very grateful for this wonderful interview to our Artist and Creator BitAliens

Friends if you want to make a donation to me you can do it around here

It will be very good

And i will be very grateful :








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