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By Leann91X | All news 24/7 | 26 Apr 2021

New players are coming to this wonderful Art place with a lot of design and every time I just see it I feel very nostalgic because of the Pixelate way of his works.

I feel good and remember the old ATARI functions and remember my kid age and feel happy thinking all the time i play in my Nintendo or my old Family game.


From ATARI that makes me feel all the sweet memories.

Pixelated art is just everyday doing more and more in the NFTs market and giving more and more.


When I begin in this world I look many times at all artists' work and enjoy the pleasure of the Art and see how good the NFTs community is accepting from the beginning all about this Pixelate Art.


And just looking for more and more

I have a lot of interviews these days.

And i will try to do my best on it

Really want to collaborate with them.

And makes more and more good to the community

Now i have the pleasure to talk with other creator and also give me the chance to make a good interview on it so


The next will be a interview from:




Yes totally into it

what a wonderful work Fairies yeeees

Cool and Awesome

Just having and bright and colours touch in our lives mix with the always love Pixels


Just follow our friend over here in his Twitter and you can be a important part of this  Culture

Just feel free to follow his work and you will enjoy it and be total in agree with my mention here

Feel the magic and the full colours in Sprytes collection.

Without losing the total Pixels thing.

Also you can check his work here

Hope you enjoy it and soon like i always promes a interview from the Artist

Just wait for it.

Is coming……………

If you want to support my work


You can donate here








Thanks to so many friends, all donations will be used in good…


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All news 24/7
All news 24/7

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