NFT Artist Skelebit and BitAlien given away

By Leann91X | All news 24/7 | 17 Apr 2021


Hello i want to begin my talk about the NFT projects in the network just now and i am just doing my research daily so i will share all NFT drops GiveAways on Twitter and also the most exotic NFT you can get (Buy it in a good price) or just win it in a GiveAway


I will try to give my best everyday so you can get the opportunity to participate on those promotions on time also more good things are coming like especial Giveaways and others with 24 hours duration so you can have time to check it on Twitter and see if you are in time to do it and have a chance to win some rare NFT or buy a beautiful Art on it.


I am just giving you to know the BitAlien collection and Skelebit too and today we have some chance to get your NFT or other good buy price just check in this status on Twitter and you can have a chance:


Check this ending today night.

Also you can check this to


Total random and kind like always they make for you.


Soon i will post more GiveAways on time


Hope you like the idea short but effective don't forget follow our friends

And hope you enjoy this article


Soon will come more and more to our community

Thanks so much.

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All news 24/7
All news 24/7

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