Murder Academy in the home NFTs Interview

By Leann91X | All news 24/7 | 14 May 2021


Just doing some research in the community I found this wonderful project, and it will be an honor to bring to you.

A finest interview with his creator just a regular guy like you and me

The owner and creator of Murder Academy.


Without wasting more time, my questions to the Artist!

All these questions are with the same words of the Artist nothing is changed just talking and asking!


(Sisto CuteMurder)


 Where are you from?


I am from Spain, Andalusia, Seville OLÉ! HAHAHA Although I come from a French family

  Can I know your best known name or nickname?


My real name is David, but you can call me Sisto, or Sisto Hokkate, whatever you prefer.


Nice to meet you David is a honor a very biblical name you got there


  What excited you to start in this world of NFTs

I have always liked the world of cryptocurrencies and art, and being able to do both at the same time is something that I am passionate about, I really did not know about this community until one day Jake Founshee (Optimus Prime voice ) spoke to me to tell me about working for a friend of him on a project called Crypto Kush


Wowwwww thats is so cool really i was just thinking about it and yes also i check the Twitter profile and this sounds very real so

Wow Welcome home legend.


  Do you like Art a lot or is it just something you have as a hobby?

A lot, there is not a day that I do not draw, it is something that I am passionate about and I have been doing since I can remember, since I was little I have liked art in every way, my father is a painter and my mother a dressmaker, I grew up between canvases and painting, it was impossible that I did not like it, it is in my blood but this time adapted to the digital world


Very nice you have the Art in your blood and heart cool to know about it!

Copyrights reserved

  What do you think about when creating a collection?


That people really enjoy it as much as I do, I have been inspired when the characters have different "skins" or versions of games like Fire Emblem Heroes, Mario Kart tour, etc! My goal is that there is a CuteMurder that is the perfect one for them to collect something that they are really passionate about


I always love video games always and it will be cool have own CuteMurder too..

By the way

I total love Mario Kart game ...


6- What artists would you like to collaborate with? And because?


There are many who would love to make a collab, without a doubt PxlHns is one of them, and if we talk about celebrities, Paris Hilton!


Yes thats is so cool i think it will be very happy to work with you...


  You have an Artist in mind that you want to work with.


Fvckrender although at this point I see it very unlikely! hopefully in a future Fvckrender if you read this I love you !!!!


Like always say is the Artist choice so Fvckrender if you read this

Yo know what to do….


 What draws your attention from the NFTs


To be honest, the great people around that, the friendly community that exists, literally has not supported me so many people in my life!

  Did you know about the NFTs created in Eosio?


No idea what it is, there are many topics about nft in which I am still lost, I still have to educate myself about it!


 Why did you choose Ethereum to work your art?


Because he is the one that manages the whole world, I will not be different hahahahaha


Short but real…..


 What do you think about the WAX ​​for NFTs


I really have to educate myself more on the subject!


Yeah it will be good to learn a little bit more about the other choices you can have!


  And to finish a few words to the new creators who start in this world ........


Do something you like !! Don't do it just for the money, do it for the passion !! Great things go slowly so do not be discouraged, make friends, have fun, and create a collection that you like and success will come alone!


I am very agreed with it friend…….

What more i can say without words just listen to our Artist over here.

You can follow in Twitter our Artist:

There you will find almost all about his new coming collections... 

Also i will try to get one for me too.

Total into it…   just a advice

Check just this one a wonderful collab with BitAliens.

Check this wonderful collabs

You can see too this beautiful collab with Spryte


And get this link of another wonderful work place for it..


Hope this become useful for you guys…..


Friends if you want to support my write it will be very cool

Thanks so much







Thanks so much all good help will be very good use friends🙏

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I am just a regular boy

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