Taking time with Pizzeria Rusticana

Taking time with Pizzeria Rusticana

Direct from Italy comes to us. (Pizzeria Rusticana)

Giving a taste different and doing the best everyday…..

Going with good flavours and delicious Pizza

Talking with( Pizzeria Rusticana)

- Where are you from?


We are both born and raised in northern Italy


Very very awesome…..


- Tell us about yourself! Do you use your real name or go by a nickname?


For the name of our Pizzeria we really needed to find a name that immediately brings your mind to Italy and its food, to its flavours and smells, to its countryside and to its people. We chose the name Rusticana because of the musical opera made by a great Italian composer: Cavalleria Rusticana by Pietro Mascagni. The name immediately resonated in us and the notes of the Intermezzo act inspired us so much that we instantly knew that was the perfect name.


- Have you had a difficult or an easy road in life and in the NFT world?


Can't really say it was easy, there are always new projects to follow.. it's almost getting a full time job 😄

But the community is awesome and we got another proof of that with how the Pizzeria was received.


So in the end, I'd say not easy but totally worth it!


- What inspires your work? Why do you create NFTs?


We created this project because we love pizza of course! And we love to share this passion of ours with all the people around the World. We also want to show what the real Italian pizza is about: a lot of passion and fresh and high quality ingredients! Is that simple.



We have some ideas for collaboration in mind, of course only time will tell how many and how that will work out. But we are not the kind of people that want to close ourselves in our kitchen 😄


- Who will be your first choice?


I don't know if I can tell you this because there's might be something going on already 😏 we just want to get started in the best possible way at the moment, so we can have more collaboration possibilities in the near future.


- What is your favorite piece? Can you tell us why you created it?


Favourite piece from our collection ought to be "la Margherita", it's a super italian classic and we are really proud of it.

Of course we also have our favourite pizzas, but to know those.. you have to wait that we blend for them 😄


- Have you heard about Open Ocean NFTs system?


We heard something about this new system, but as we said there are so many new things everyday that it's really hard to work on your project while following others. We should investigate more about that!


-Why did you choose WAX in the first place?


WAX is a green and easy to use option as far as NFT goes. Heard about it because of AW, but that was just the beginning.. we found an awesome community so we're here to stay!


- How do you feel about your presence in the NFT community?


At the moment we are just starting out and testing our possibilities, but the overall response has already been great! We couldn't ever imagine such a warm welcome to the NFT world! Of course a big merit goes to the pizza, but we are really amused by the amount of encouragement we received all around us. This is surely a great community and we hope to give something back leaving all our clients that will visit Pizzeria Rusticana satisfied.


- Would you like to say something to the newbies in the NFT world? Any good advice?


Only advice we could give is: take your time to know more about various projects before diving in.. there are so many of them that you can get lost otherwise.


Fantastic interview. I am very grateful for the time you took with me and people are very happy to know you better and your project.

Our friends will be happy to follow your project and updates

This is his Twitter so our collectors can see your work and get closer and more with you.




Thanks so much again…..

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