Is time to meet DeadCrazyDude by Leann! Interview biography

Is time to meet DeadCrazyDude by Leann! Interview biography

Hello long time out so i want to begin talking about new NFTs project is on Road named



What about it yes my own soon my creation yes a little bit crazy but the hands on the work….


- Where are you from?

I will answer this faster the faster i can i am from Cuba nice to meet you all!


- Tell us about yourself! Do you use your real name or go by a nickname?


Yes i prefer to keep like that Leann


- Have you had a difficult or an easy road in life and in the NFT world?


Well it is a little tricky the question but yes it is hard for all of us.


First, my country Cuba is not a kind place for the Artist and it is almost impossible to get a life with your Artwork or your work like a writer you need many things here are almost impossible.

First technology here is very expensive to get smartphones or materials for paint like a crazy thing very expensive only the people with real money can have access to it

But the heart is all and I figure out how to do it with my own things.

So hard it is for all of us but the point is fight and fight back…


- What inspires your work? Why do you create NFTs?

What's inspire my work yes first my daughter and his many faces she give me the strength for get on road everyday

Give the strength to fight for her just with a little smile

And also the principal means of humans we are the same inside nobody have gold bones!"


- How many artists do you want to collaborate with?

I am very new to it but all they want is to be totally open to .


- Who will be your first choice?


My first choice is HashBastard. That doesn't change but I love BitAliens Skelebit and many more like Devil too!


- What is your favorite piece? Can you tell us why you created it?


My favorite i just recently created because i just want to show more effort and shows my real artist on road but i love all

So talking serious i love all i don't have non especial

But my favorite are DeadCrazyDudeX1


- Have you heard about Wax?


Eosio Atomic NFTs system?


Yes i have my wallet on it too and i collect there is very cool.


-Why did you choose ETH in the first place?


ETH is a crypto that will never die also so one of the elders around and have a good basement and i think is one the most secure choices..


I have two questions… I hope you like them.   


- How do you feel about your presence in the NFT community?


I feel just great. I only want to share love and be with my friends. The community give me all and I have much to be grateful for because this wonderful community I just began my journey and thanks so many people like SKULLCROWNS and BitAliens for giving me the strength to do it.

And also Skelebit my friend for just support without ask

I feel a part of the community thanks all this wonderful.persons and more…….


And my last question…


- Would you like to say something to the newbies in the NFT world? Any good advice?


Love your community help your community give certain don't forget to be grateful with all because they are around because they want it to be here for you

My advice is love your community and don't forget to help and keep the good vibes. Your followers are humans with problems like everybody so you need to be calm and keep your friends around you and share your love……..


707639ebad0b9d2217045b20ae753d3de0abc887f6ce7a10b868ced85a9b2f10.jpgWow this is hard also for me. It was very cool to talk about the project as an honor for you guys and to keep my heart in your hands. I feel everyday like all of you guys are family inside my heart..

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Thanks so much for the great support

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