Devil time welcome to his Creator and Artist

Devil time welcome to his Creator and Artist

Hello and welcome to our NFTs interview space. Yes, I have the pleasure to recibe here for you

Devil (Crypto_Devils)


I hope you like the questions


- Where are you from?


I am From India


That is a really great welcome to a friend from a wonderful country with a beautiful culture.

- Tell us about yourself! Do you use your real name or go by a nickname?


I use my nickname "Devil" however most of you know my real name is Yohan Shrivastava.


- Have you had a difficult or an easy road in life and in the NFT world?


I am from India and I am a Uni student. My life has been fairly easy! Other than the past year when Covid Hit. The effects were the worst in India and I lost quite a few close people but that is also when I found out about NFTs so the past year has also brought some good to my life.


- What inspires your work? Why do you create NFTs?

I was always a creator. However I never shared my art anywhere and kept it on my computer. Until I found NFTs in March of 2021. I was inspired by Punks! Because they were the first NFTs I came across. My list of Inspirations have grown and changed since then! I really admire the Hardworking Community Artists Working on their project without a Team. Like KinkyXSkull is a big inspiration, So is CryptoPerv, Hash Bastards, Ghxsts , etc..


- How many artists do you want to collaborate with?


I have collaborated with quite a few Artists now!! And I plan to keep on going ! Even with the new generative project I have found a way to incorporate all the community artists in it!


- Who will be your first choice?


Right now someone who I haven't Collaborated with and would love to. Will be @SkullxNFT hands down.

- What is your favorite piece? Can you tell us why you created it?


My favourite piece is CryptoDevil #98 !! As you can see it is also my PFP!

I really like stuff like Cyber Unl and the Devil has a very cool Eye Mask!


- Have you heard about Wax?


Eosio Atomic NFTs system?


Yes I have but I have never used it.


-Why did you choose ETH in the first place?


Because Eth was the first thing I found out about when I researched on NFTs! And I do feel like Eth is the now and future for NFTs.

I have two questions… I hope you like them.  


- How do you feel about your presence in the NFT community?


I hope my presence has affected the NFT Community positively! I have made sooo many good friends and some even call me the OG time and again which feels Epic!! I plan to stay here for as long as you can think and make a Mark!


And my last question…


- Would you like to say something to the newbies in the NFT world? Any good advice?


My advice to anyone just starting in NFTs is make GENUINE connections. Don't SHILL on posts that are not about shilling. It's gonna hurt your brand more than you think. If you want to shill on a shill post go ahead! But the best way to make it in the Community is by dissolving in it and make genuine friends who will have your back.


Very cool in fact we love the Devil project and i like to say also i love the India Culture is a honor have you here talking for your community and it will be great if people can look into your profile for more updates about your Artwork

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Thanks so much for taking your time to read i will be bringing more and more interviews coming from our wonderful NFTs community

Thanks so much...


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All about NFTs interviews!
All about NFTs interviews!

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