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By Gwenie | All About Life | 18 Aug 2020

Aug 17, 2020 | Tuesday

Have a great and blessed day! \^0^/

It's been a long week and many things happened. Adjusting to a new work was never easy and I needed tons of patience to survive! :D It was tiring as well because we walked every day going people to some remote areas here in our place. Good thing some places had beautiful flowers, sceneries and fresh air that I enjoyed. I would like to share it here hoping that these can brighten up your day too. I captured these photos using my realme 5 phone and I hope you guys will like it. ^.^


1. Plumeria Pudica

Commonly known as Frangipani or Kalachuchi.

Plumeria pudica is a specie of the genus Plumeria; flowering plants from the Apocynaceae family. Plumeria pudica is known for its unusual spoon-shaped leaves. The shape of its petals is also slightly different from the other species of Plumeria.

Apocynaceae – commonly known as the dogbane family – is a family of flowering plants that include trees, herbs, stem succulents, shrubs, and vines.

2. Delonix Regia

Commonly known as Poinciana or Flame tree.

Delonix Regia is a specie of Delonix from the Fabaceae family. This plant is known for its fern-like leaves and noticeable display of red-orange flowers.

Fabaceae or Leguminosae – commonly known as the legume, pea, or bean family – is a large family of flowering plants that also include trees, shrubs, and herb plants which are easily recognized by their fruit (legume).

3. Allamanda Blanchetii

Commonly known as Purple Allamanda.

Allamanda blanchetii is a specie of the genus Allamanda from the Apocynaceae family. The most common species of Allamanda is the Allamanda Cathartica, a.k.a the golden trumpet.

4. Nerium Oleander

Commonly know as Nerium or Oleander.

Nerium oleander is the only specie currently classified under the genus Nerium, also from the Apocynaceae family.

5. Aster novae-angliae

Also known as September Ruby or New England Aster.

Aster novae-angliae is one of the species of genus Aster from the Asteraceae family. Asters have over 600 species that vary in height, leaf shape, flower colors, and growing conditions.

Asteraceae is a family of flowering plants commonly referred to as the aster or sunflower family. This family also includes chrysanthemums.

6. Just some random grass. :D :D

I loved this photo that's why I added it here. :D

That's all for now and thank you for dropping by. Have a great day everyone. 💕


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