Refercoin- A grand way of hunting crypto

By Dakaid | All about free crypto | 12 Mar 2020


Refercoin is an exciting way of earning crypto in a very few simple steps. It is literally the easiest way to earn bitcoin and other cryptos in exchange for a bounty campaign. The main advantages of this site are the reward which is huge for a simple task such as Facebook share or retweeting a tweet. 

So Refercoin is generally quite a new platform, however, the potential that has is quite limitless as the number of bounty campaign keeps on increasing day by day. Apart from that, the simplicity of the task means that you can easily earn crypto within your phone and without much time taken. 

Apart from that the simple interface of the platform means that you can easily understand all the features of the platform in a little while, which in turn can help you to quickly start earning that crypto.

So below are the steps to get you started in your journey as a bounty hunter:

First of all, go to the site using this link: and then register for yourself. Fill all the details and then verify your credentials.

The next thing is to browse for all the available bounty which are available and then select the ones you are interested in, and then the next step is the most important ones.


When checking for the bounty campaign kindly read the rules and requirements properly, and if you qualify in respect of all the requirement then there is a form below which you can fill and provide for all the asked details.

After all these procedures are done, the next thing is to wait for the acceptance of your form. If you are accepted you can then begin your bounty campaign and complete it according to the rules. After completion, submit your proof of work and that it.

That is how you can easily be a bounty hunter and earn your crypto in Refercoins.

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All about free crypto
All about free crypto

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